Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

How can we harness its potential while minimising the risks?

How can we harness its potential while minimising the risks?

Ushering in the fourth technological revolution

Homes, phones, factories, energy grids – it seems everything has the potential to be ‘smart’. Industry 4.0 is creating intelligent networks by enabling interconnected components, machines and systems to communicate autonomously. For the experts at TÜV SÜD, the future is already here. We are giving people the confidence to trust in these new technologies.

As one of the most influential forces today, Digital Transformation opens up businesses to innumerable opportunities, but also to increased risks. Cyber attacks are no longer siloed incidents, but it disrupts the entire business. The following case studies feature TÜV SÜD’s collaborations with industry partners to ensure safe, secure and sustainable solutions for digital initiatives.

  • Committing to cyber security via the Charter of Trust

    Digital Transformation Charter of Trust

    We have signed the Charter of Trust - a global cyber security alliance by Siemens and other leading organisations. Its 17 members aim to build trust in digital technologies. We contribute by protecting critical systems and sensitive data, helping our customers ensure their business continuity. Learn more here.

  • Developing standards for BIM

    Digital Transformation BIM

    We are helping to develop a public German Building Information Modelling (BIM) Standard for high-rise to empower design, construction and operation of more than 31,000 assets. Contributing through BIM advisory, we are developing use cases, best practices for processes and templates. Find out more about our BIM services here

  • Realising Industrie 4.0 transformation

    Digital Transformation i4.0

    To drive industry-wide transformation, we developed the Smart Industry Readiness Index with the Singapore Economic Development Board which was rolled out in countries in Asia, Europe and US. Together with the partners, we have launched a 'Prioritisation Matrix', a computational tool for identifying priority digital initiatives. Read more about the case study here.

  • Establishing safety of AI-based systems

    Digital Transformation Genesis

    Working with the German Research Centre for AI (DFKI), we are developing an open platform 'openGenesis' to certify AI-based systems used in autonomous driving. A 'roadworthiness test' will be developed to validate safety of the underlying algorithms. Read more about the case study here.


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