TSE software for power plant lifetime extension

TSE – a program to combat fatigue and extend power plant lifetime

TSE software enables efficient monitoring of power-station components

TSE software enables efficient monitoring of power-station components

Green energy sources like photovoltaic plants and wind farms are increasingly feeding energy into our power grids. Since the energy from renewable energy sources is not generated at constant rates conventional power plants are required to step in and fill the gaps. The result is the need for high flexibility and shorter cycles between running at peak and minimum loads. This can have a dramatic impact on the power plant lifetime. Especially thick-walled pressure components are exposed to higher temperature transients, which result in fatigue that needs to be monitored. TSE Software is helping to manage the monitoring of the components with high precision and efficiency. This enables power plant operators to minimize downtime and execute predictive maintenance services.

 Typical weekly electricity production 

As electricity demand and green energy production are often not aligned conventional power plants need to flexibly step in to fill the gaps.

WHAT IS THE TSE software?

The TSE software is a computer program developed by TÜV SÜD that enables rapid, in-depth and realistic determination of a component’s state of repair against standards and regulations. The predictive maintenance software offers interesting advantages:

  • Assessment and extension of the power plant lifetime
  • Identification of opportunities for improving flexibility
  • Provision of information on defects for condition-based maintenance
  • Determination of justified inspection intervals

In other words, TSE enables end-to-end optimisation of plant operation and extension of the plant life.


Efficient monitoring of power-station components – what exactly can TSE do for you?

  • Calculation of total fatigue, comprising creep fatigue and cyclic fatigue
  • Calculation of fatigue in a single calculation step, even for very long periods
  • Evaluation of available stress history (pressure and temperature curves)
  • Method in conformity with the relevant standards and regulations, e.g. TRD 301/303 and EN 12952-3
  • Mapping the scope of possible approaches under the standards and regulations (from conservative to maximally realistic)
  • Efficient algorithm combined with high accuracy
Optimizing plant output with TSE  

Thanks to TÜV SÜD's TSE software you are able to determine the state of exhaustion of your power plant very precisely. This enables you to optimize performance, output and lifetime without the risk to exceed permissible values of the applicable regulations.


Operators of conventional power plants face the challenge of competing in a highly competitive market that is influenced by different energy technologies, legal requirements and governmental subventions. To operate a plant with the highest possible efficiency and effectiveness means to minimize downtime, increase flexibility and availability.

This can only be achieved if fatigue of components is monitored and can be predicted early on to carry out predictive maintenance works. A solution that enables to determine the creep/fatigue condition with the measured values of subsequently installed sensors is required.

This is possible with TÜV SÜD’s TSE program for plant lifetime assessment and extension. In addition, it enables operators to re-determine the test dates of recurring tests based on the results of an exact creep/fatigue analysis.

Extended power plant lifetime with TSE 

As more and more renewable energy plants are connected to the power grid the risk of damage to existing conventional power plants has greatly increased. Operators of such plants can use TSE software to monitor the state of their power plant and thus reduce risks and extend plant lifetime.


As an experienced provider of third-party testing and inspection services, we offer comprehensive support tailored to your individual needs. With our testing and certification services, we ensure that all components used fulfil the standards and regulations relevant for power-station operation. Beyond this, the TSE software enables us to perform the required fatigue monitoring even more efficiently than before. You save time and money while benefiting from significantly increased safety levels and life span of the power plant.



  • Legal compliance (state of repair of components in conformity with regulations and standards)
  • Identification of opportunities for additional improvement of operational flexibility
  • Ensuring component availability
  • Basis of targeted and efficient inspection measures


TSE Software - How it works 

The infographic below illustrates how TSE software can be used to accurately assess the state of exhaustion of your power plant. This can be achieved even if there are no previous data or measurements available.

 How TSE software for power plant lifteime extension works



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