On-Site (In-Situ) EMC Testing

Accredited testing laboratory

Accredited testing laboratory

We have a dedicated in-situ EMC test team that carries out accredited testing worldwide

In-situ EMC testing is ideal where the logistics of moving in-situ EMC equipment to our A2LA accredited laboratory for conventional testing makes this impractical.

In-Site EMC Testing ServicesWe offer comprehensive solutions ranging from on-site surveys and pre-compliance investigations, to radiated emissions, conducted emissions, conducted immunity, bulk current injection, fast transient burst, ESD and testing for the effects of indirect lightning.

Our services are delivered by leading industry experts. A combination of laboratories and on-site capabilities make us one of the most comprehensive testing centers in North America. Field evaluations for all facets of regulatory compliance delivered by experts in their respective fields.

Benefits of Using TÜV SÜD for In-situ Testing

  • In-situ testing benefits organizations whose products cannot be moved to our test laboratories.
  • Testing can be carried out outside normal testing hours, allowing for minimum downtime and faster testing solutions.
  • A wide range of products or installations can be assessed in a cost-effective program.
  • EMC investigation and failure determination can be performed on site, during trials or at the time of failure.

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