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Fire Protection Code Compliance

Meet requirements and ensure compliance for your projects

Meet requirements and ensure compliance for your projects

About Fire Code Compliance

Installation of critical risk engineering infrastructure like fire protection systems needs to be well-planned and executed as mistakes and shortcomings can result in significant financial loss. Ensuring that fire protection systems are up-to-date and operating optimally is a critical part of any successful risk engineering strategy, but that is not the only concern that developers and manufacturers should be concerned with when considering their properties.

Jurisdictional equipment and compliance, computer-aided design data, budgetary concerns, and project delays are just several of the factors that can affect your business.

Organizations need to manage their exposure to fire and explosion risks in order to:

  • Manage owner supplied equipment selection and bid process
  • Advocate with jurisdictional authorities on design criteria
  • Evaluate qualified installation bidders
  • Provide bid comparisons to easily differentiate costs based on varying bid packages
  • Develop project timelines and track milestones
  • Reduce change orders to avoid costly recommendations from insurance carriers after installation

The Importance of Fire Protection Systems

A National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) report established that:

  • Sprinklers operated in 91% of fires in sprinklered properties (9% failure rate)
  • Over 90% of sprinkler failures are linked to human element failures
  • The loss per fire in sprinklered properties is up to 77% lower than in unsprinklered properties
  • Having a fire protection system that fails to operate is equivalent to not having a sprinkler system. In consideration that 90% of sprinkler failures are linked to human element failures, training can improve fire protection reliability and reduce losses.

Simply addressing fire protection systems such as sprinkler system impairments, emergency response planning, and inspection testing and maintenance of sprinkler systems through training can have a dramatic impact on your company’s safety.

In addition, implementing emergency preparedness systems such as Emergency Communication Systems help prepare for risks such as fires, natural disasters, hostile intruders, and more.

TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants Can Help You Stay Up To Date

There is nothing worse than investing significant capital expenditure to upgrade a fire protection system to then find yourself running over budget, experiencing project delays, or worse yet - discovering that that the system still fails to meet insurance or code requirements. Unfortunately, these scenarios happen all too often. TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants (GRC)’s Code and Project Services assists you in ensuring that your projects meet requirements and compliance.

The activities of code authorities, including governmental agencies and insurers, are typically limited to code identification, development of design criteria, plan review, and possible periodic inspections. TÜV SÜD GRC’s experienced Code and Project staff will be your trusted advocate through every step of the protection upgrade project, from concept to completion..

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