Virtual Service Offerings

Remote Risk Assessments

Customized, Flexible Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Customized, Flexible Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Increased Remote Service Capabilities For Our Clients

TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants (GRC) offers a comprehensive portfolio of virtual services. We are here to assist you with flexible, yet customized services to keep your facility operational and personnel safe.

Virtual Services Include:

  • Virtual Remote Surveys: Client-led Virtual Survey conducted by a TÜV SÜD GRC engineer to review facility operations and changes, recommendation status updates, review of Facility Score Ratings, and reviews of all Loss Estimates
  • Review of Property Loss Control Policies and Procedures: We offer remote re-write and review services for your new and existing procedures
  • Special Projects: Prior to on-site visits, we identify and compose preliminary work virtually. That allows for increased flexibility for company leaders
  • Self-Assessments: We can provide remote framework, allowing you to compile your own facility assessments
  • Project Reviews: We offer virtual project review capabilities for future and upcoming projects, such as for fire protection systems
  • Service Profiles: We provide account overviews to determine if additional study is warranted as it relates to Property Valuation, Natural Catastrophes (Nat Cat) Exposure, Infrared Thermography, etc.
  • Valuation Desktop Reviews: Review of Statement of Values to evaluate accuracy of property values
  • Special Hazard Review: We provide a deep dive into specific client hazards (i.e. process, storage, utilities) and evaluate trends and severity of exposures
  • Natural Hazard Desktop Review: Our natural hazard experts conduct a natural hazard review and prioritization study for flood, earthquake, windstorm, hail, tsunami, and volcano exposures
  • Mid-Year Insights: Preparation for renewal thru mid-term analysis
  • Heat Mapping: Helps determine where your true risks reside and helps evaluate best mitigation strategies
  • Virtual Training: We provide a variety of virtual training opportunities designed to meet your needs
  • Idle Plant Planning and Procedures: If you are closing sites during the interim, we can provide consulting to ensure necessary precautions and monitoring are taking place
  • Interdependency Study: Evaluation of interdependencies between client facilities

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