Fire Protection Engineering Services

Fire Protection Engineering Inspections and Surveys

Learn how fire risk assessments and fire protection inspections reduce your risk of hazards protecting your property and employees.

Learn how fire risk assessments and fire protection inspections reduce your risk of hazards protecting your property and employees.


There are nearly 38,000 fires at industrial or manufacturing facilities each year in the United States, resulting in $1.2 billion in damage, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Electrical distribution and lighting equipment are the leading cause, accounting for 24% annually. Combustible dust, flammable liquids, and hot work are also leading causes. Fire and explosion incidents are the No. 1 cause of loss for businesses worldwide. 

Combined with today’s escalating property insurance rates, supply chain issues, and increased regulatory activity, it’s more critical than ever to identify fire risks and create thorough fire safety plans.


The key to quantifying, qualifying, and managing hazards is conducting a fire risk assessment. During an assessment, risk engineers analyze your processes to determine which has the highest hazard potential. They examine equipment for failure and ensure that sprinkler systems and fire alarms can mitigate damage and alert workers of any dangers. 

A fire safety audit can help risk managers develop unique fire protection plans that can keep your facility safe. When done correctly, risk mitigation has a direct impact on risk selection and pricing. 


Fire Protection Engineering Inspections and SurveysTÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants (GRC) provides sound, cost-effective fire protection inspection services to some of the world’s most successful businesses.

Clients say that fire risk engineers from TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants are incredibly knowledgeable and provide first-rate service. In a recent client survey:

  • 74% of GRC fire protection clients described their experience as exceeding expectations.
  • 32% said GRC service far exceeded expectations.

Our worldwide staff of engineers have pioneered advances in fire protection by applying their in-depth expertise to develop new methods to address today’s escalating concerns. Some have even been instrumental in writing NFPA standards. We work with major insurance organizations, the engineering staff of global brokers, and the engineering departments of major industrial firms.

During fire protection surveys we generally use NFPA standards as the basis for fire risk evaluation and report preparation. These standards can be augmented with additional technical information based upon the unique property protection requirements of our client, including internal company guidelines or other recognized standards.

We perform thousands of inspections each year, varying on the unique property risk engineering requirements of our clients. They range from basic property reviews and short summary reports, to full “HPR (Highly Protected Risk)”-style inspections in which all protective equipment is operationally tested, and detailed narrative-style reports are issued with COPE (i.e. construction, occupancy, protection, exposures) data supplements. With our help, you can develop a custom-tailored Fire Loss Prevention Service Plan.

Other Advantages Include: 

  • Fire reports containing information on natural hazards and climate change. Client directs activities and owns all information collected (i.e. - we report only to you)
  • Independent analysis and consideration of industry-accepted solutions
  • Universal underwriter acceptance of work product (LE’s, MFL’s, and COPE)
  • Information on how natural hazards and climate change impact fire risks
  • Global HPR staff with knowledge of codes, cultures, and languages
  • Ability to integrate other services to mitigate and/or eliminate property risk exposures
  • Multilingual materials to support global human elements programs
  • Servicing consistency second to none

Ready to discuss your unique fire risks? Talk to one of our engineering consultants today.


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