Additive Manufactured Pressure Equipment Certification

Additive Manufactured Pressure Equipment Certification

Ensuring compliance for new innovations

Ensuring compliance for new innovations


Industrial Additive Manufacturing (iAM) is an innovating manufacturing technology in which a piece of equipment forms one layer per sequence repeatedly, finally creating a three-dimensional model. This process is created in accordance with manufacturing instructions obtained by composing a three-dimensional model on CAD software into ultra-thin layers. The lightweight materials and reduced costs can offer multiple benefits to both the manufacturer and consumer.

This process, also known as 3D printing has created infinite opportunities for innovation within the manufacturing industry. This emerging technology has also offered new considerations for pressure equipment manufacturers and joining additive manufacturing (AM) with alternative composite and metal materials can allow for high strength-to-weight ratio designs for pressure-based uses and equipment.


As industrial additive manufacturing continues to give companies a competitive edge on innovation, the concerns for safety and compliance must also be addressed. Manufacturers of pressure vessels and components produced through additive manufacturing must comply with the European Union Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU in order to access EU markets. The process of 3-D printing can also produce combustible dusts, which pose additional safety concerns to a facility.

In addition to ensuring the free flow of pressure equipment within the EU, PED 2014/68/EU is designed to ensure that the pressure equipment passes stringent safety standards. When pressure equipment falls above a required volume and pressure level they must comply with several requirements:

  • The equipment must be safe and meet necessary safety requirements that covers design, testing and manufacturing
  • The equipment must satisfy conformity assessment procedures
  • The equipment must carry the CE marking

When pressure equipment falls below a required volume and pressure level:

  • The equipment must be safe
  • The equipment must comply with sound engineering practices
  • The equipment must have specified markings (not necessarily CE marking)


TÜV SÜD’s Industrial Technical Inspection Services group offers a comprehensive range of testing, inspection and certification services for your pressure equipment. In the case of additive manufactured pressure equipment, TUV SUD has developed a new certification program that covers the EU Pressure Equipment Directive safety requirements, and the application of EN 13445, clause 3.1.

Benefits to partnering with us include:

  • We give you the competitive edge right from the design stage.
  • We will help minimize business risks and costs.
  • With TÜV SÜD, you receive certification from a recognized testing body confirming the safety of your machinery or equipment.
  • We have international and local experts in all key markets worldwide.

With TÜV SÜD as your partner, you can be sure your pressure equipment is safe and ready to gain access to international markets around the world.


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