Outdoor Noise Directive 2000/14/EC Testing & Certification

Keep equipment within acceptable noise limits

Keep equipment within acceptable noise limits

improve the control of noise emission

The objective of the Outdoor Noise Directive (OND) is to improve the control of noise emission from outdoor equipment. The EU Outdoor Noise Directive applies to 57 types of equipment, including construction equipment, lift trucks, garden equipment, generators, and compressors.

The types of equipment that fall under the scope of the Outdoor Noise Director are defined in Annex I and listed either in Article 12 or Article 13 of the Directive. Equipment listed in Article 12 is subject to noise limits and the involvement of a Notified Body is mandatory.

Equipment listed in Article 12 cannot be legally placed on the market without a Notified Body certification. Equipment not subject to sound power level limitation is listed in Article 13, where TÜV SÜD can act as a third-party for measurement  – providing needed expertise.

All equipment outlined in the Noise Directive must bear the CE Marking to demonstrate compliance to the Directive. European Union member states must allow equipment bearing the CE Marking to enter their markets, fulfilling the European Union’s mandate of free movement of goods and services within its boundaries. If you manufacture equipment under these specifications with the intention of sending them to the EU, compliance is mandatory.

Helping Organizations Achieve Compliance

Partnering with TÜV SÜD, a Notified Body, will ensure that your products comply with the requirements of EU Noise Directive 2000/14/EC. Our testing services cover the full scope of requirements for product acceptance in the EU, and our flexible time-to-market services can assist you with accelerated reviews, shortening your time to market. In addition, our experts follow regulatory developments and inform clients of any changes that will impact them.

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Outdoor Noise Directive (OND)

Outdoor Noise Directive (OND)

Improve the control of noise emission in the environment by outdoor-use equipment

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