3D AI Construction Inspection

Intelligently track, analyse and optimise your construction projects

Intelligently track, analyse and optimise your construction projects


Progress tracking, quality verification and defect detection are vital to the successful delivery of any construction project. Traditionally, these processes are handled manually and in a costly and reactive manner. This results in delayed and siloed risk management, causing significant knock-on effect on time, quality, cost and safety of construction projects. However, this does not need to be the case anymore for construction companies, asset owners and project investors.

TÜV SÜD has partnered with 3D AI technology firm, Contilio, to address these key needs and challenges by providing fully automated defect analysis and detection, quality verification and progress tracking for all areas of your building and infrastructure projects. 

Our world first 3D AI Construction Inspection Software Solution combines 150 years of unparalleled expertise and global reach in construction monitoring, testing and inspection with cutting-edge and easy-to-use 3D Artificial Intelligence technology. This helps provide you and your global teams with actionable intelligence 24/7, so you always know what’s happening across 100% of your construction portfolio in real time. With unmatched construction quality inspection and progress tracking at your fingertips, you can build your project more quickly and efficiently, and execute on your safety and sustainability priorities.

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How does our 3D AI Construction Inspection work?

Our 3D AI Construction Inspection Software combines the latest LiDAR/Laser scanning with cutting-edge 3D Artificial Intelligence and Building Information Modeling (BIM) so that you can track, benchmark, predict and improve the performance of your construction portfolio at scale. This enables you to make smart and timely decisions, manage risks and issues with agility and deliver significant value for your projects and bottom line. Our solution works in 3 easy steps: 



1. Use Lidar scanners or drones to collect the data from your sites or let us do it for you through our partner network. This data will be optimised through our smart algorithms, reducing its volume 20-fold, and saved in our secure cloud platform.




2. Our cutting-edge 3D AI engine uses technology similar to what is used in autonomous driving. In 24 hours, it automatically analyses a 100% of your structural, architectural and service elements for quality and progress, in comparison with your schedule and BIM. We combine the power of our Artificial Intelligence software with the expertise of our world-class inspection team, providing you with the most accurate results. 


3. You can access digital defect analysis and AI quality and progress insights remotely from our cloud platform, 24/7. You can also navigate the insights smartly through the augmented BIM, 360-degree photos, point clouds and risk tables from a central platform, focusing on risks and issues relevant to you.  

Your BIM and schedule are automatically updated with insights and connected to the intelligent site data, creating a smart Digital Twin that can be accessed during and post construction to unlock further efficiencies and cost savings.





Our Alpha Smartwin solution is built to turn your physical assets into smart digital twins with AI, enabling you to track, analyse and benchmark your operating portfolio from the comfort of your office. This allows for empowering of data-driven inspections, Facility Management and more. This allows for empowering data-driven inspections, facility management and more.   




The benefits of using our 3D AI Construction Inspection service

General contractors, owners and investors are using our 3D AI construction inspection service to drive significant value for their construction portfolio and/or operating assets, and to execute some of their key operational and strategic priorities.

Some of the benefits include:

Fast and Cheaper Delivery
Scalable processes, AI insights and smart decisions,10X faster


Reduced Rework and Better Quality
Automatically verify quality of installed work in hours and record defects


Lower Delivery Risk and Enhanced Cashflow
Manage risks/issues with agility and pay for work installed correctly


Productive Teams, Safe and Sustainable Sites
Reduce site travel, man-hours, paper usage and construction waste 



Why work with TÜV SÜD and Contilio?

For years, TÜV SÜD has been a trusted partner to many global players in the infrastructure and Real Estate testing and inspection industries. Our experience, combined with Contilio’s cutting-edge 3D AI technology, results in a world-class 3D AI Construction Inspection solution arming you with the hybrid power of actionable intelligence and best-in-class expertise. 

We understand your needs and pain points and have built a differentiated and effective solution offering you the flexibility, functionality, and the essential services needed for facility and project management. 





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