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Your regular update for technical and industry information

Brazil: Technical Requirements and Test Procedures for Conformity Assessments of Cell Phone Lithium Batteries Issued


Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) issued Act 3484 to replace Act No. 951,2018 on 3 June, 2019. Another propose of this Act is defining the basic requirements and testing processes of the conformity assessments for rechargeable portable lithium batteries, which are used as a power source of mobile phones.

This Act includes general requirements and processes, electrical tests, safety tests, conformity assessment procedures, testing approaches, labelling, and determines, among other requirements:

  • The operating ambient temperature of the performance of test processes referred to international standards IEC 61960-3, 62133-1 and 62133-2 is adjusted to 25 ± 5 ° C which used to be 20 ± 5 ° C.
  • For each evaluated battery model, the minimum sample amounts of lithium batteries and cells for lithium batteries for electrical and safety tests are 34 units and 10 units respectively.
  • Samples of the product to be certified shall be accompanied by a declaration from the manufacturer stating that they have been collected in production and specifying which plant.
  • Certified product samples shall be attached with a declaration provided by the manufacturer with the statement that they were collected in production and the indication of which plant.
  • The batteries shall bear a safety seal of approval with ANATEL characteristics, i.e. bearing the ANATEL logo, approval, and identification number.
  • The safety seal must be affixed to the battery body. For a mobile phone whose battery is not accessible, the safety seal must be affixed in its user instruction.
  • Batteries must be affixed with a symbol or information indicating the methods of collection and disposal of the product after its lifetime. After the validity term, Batteries must have an appropriate destination, per current legislation, notably CONAMA Resolution 401,2008.

This Act shall be into force 180 days after the date of its publication in the ANATEL Electronic Services Bulletin.

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