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Autonomous Driving

Achieve a smooth roll out of your automated technologies

What is autonomous vehicle testing?

As highly automated driving and autonomous vehicles further develop, there is a parallel expectation among consumers and regulatory authorities that these technologies be thoroughly tested to ensure their overall safety, as well as assessment of their cyber security and data privacy due to the increased variety of software and communication interfaces used.

To achieve widespread consumer acceptance, the industry must be confident of the safety of both drivers and the environment. Communication within the vehicle, with other vehicles (V2V), the infrastructure (V2I) and the environment including communication with other devices (V2D) and other networks (V2N) must therefore be assured. New autonomous vehicle testing approaches, combining real-word and virtual simulation tests, and respective regulations have to be developed for setting industry-wide standards to enhance the roll-out of driverless technologies.


Homologation of Automated Vehicles: The Regulatory Challenge
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