Testing of unmanned aircraft systems such as drones

Drone Testing and Certification

Minimize the risk of noncompliance and product liability

Minimize the risk of noncompliance and product liability

The use of Drones is expanding rapidly beyond traditional Defense and public safety applications

Drone Testing & Certification ServicesUnmanned Aircraft systems are being widely adopted by commercial enterprises and consumers; some studies estimate a global UAS market of more than US$5 billion by 2020, up from just over US$15 million in 2014. The anticipated growth in UAS adoption, the high rate of technological change and the urgency in meeting the latest consumer trends is creating new challenges.

At the same time, an increasingly complex regulatory environment is emerging as national and international aviation and product safety regulations are being developed to cover these products and their operation. In December 2015, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration launched a registration system for operators of UAS up to 25kg.

Manufacturers also need expert insight to determine if their product falls under the European Toy Safety Directive, the new European Radio Equipment Directive (RED) or general electrical safety regulations.

Why Drone testing and certification services are important

Testing and certification can minimize the risk of noncompliance and product liability. By ensuring your drone products are in compliance with stringent standards for performance, quality and safety, our testing, inspection, auditing, certification and training services will assist you in achieving reliable market entry. Since the brand value of UAS products correlates directly with their perceived quality and safety, these services will ensure safer products and promote the healthy growth of the industry.

How we can help you

At TÜV SÜD, we are fluent in the complex language of electrical and electronics safety. With our testing facilities and expert staff around the world, we can test drone products for safety and advise on the electrical and mechanical safety aspects.

  • Electrical safety testing - We test products for electrical safety to minimize the risk of electrical shock, thereby maintaining a safe environment for the drone.
  • Battery safety testing - We are a trusted expert in battery testing. Our holistic approach and commitment to safety will optimize the reliability of batteries and other energy storage devices.
  • Functional safety testing - We provide practical testing of main and additional functions. This includes evaluation of power consumption, work result, working speed and battery capacity.
  • Environmental testing - We have one of the largest environmental testing portfolios in the world. Our experts have been conducting climatic testing and mechanical shock and vibration testing on electrical products for over 50 years.
  • Mechanical safety testing - This type of safety evaluation involves assessment of a product’s mechanical aspects such as fast-moving blades or propellers as well as the conditions under which a mechanical failure could pose a potential safety risk to users.
  • Chemical safety testing - Our experts have direct knowledge of chemical and restricted substance regulations applicable worldwide. In addition, we actively track pending and potential regulatory changes that can affect the acceptance of your products.
  • Wireless testing - From the beginning of the product cycle, we can offer you compliance-related guidance backed by complete testing and certification services. We ensure that your product conforms to all the regulatory requirements of your intended market.

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