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INMETRO Testing and Certification for LED Lamps

INMETRO-accredited testing and certification services

INMETRO-accredited testing and certification services

INMETRO services for LED Lamps

Brazil’s, the National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality (INMETRO) administers the mandatory scheme for the testing and certification of most consumer and lighting products, including lamps based on LED technology. 

Only LED lighting products that have been tested and certified by an INMETRO-accredited certification body are legally permitted to be sold in Brazil. Failure to obtain INMETRO certification can result in delays to market entry, or the required withdrawal or seizure of non-certified products, and may also lead to financial penalties.

Just as in other jurisdictions around the world, LED lamps sold or distributed in Brazil are subject to electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility and energy efficiency testing. In addition, product performance issues related to the color and intensity of emitted light or life cycle are the focus of this program.

Compliance with INMETRO certification includes a number of special challenges, such as the appointment of legal representative based in Brazil, annual factory inspections, and the translation of user documents into Portuguese.

Why Choose TÜV SÜD

TÜV SÜD Brazil is accredited by INMETRO as a Certification Body for a variety of electrical and electronic products, including electrical appliances and products. We can conduct electrical safety testing in our fully accredited laboratory partners in Brazil and TÜV SÜD laboratories elsewhere around the world. Our electrical safety testing is also covered by our internationally accepted ILAC and IECEE CB Scheme accreditation, based on our compliance with ISO 17025.


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