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INMETRO Testing and Certification for Household Appliances

Achieving market access with INMETRO-accredited testing and certification services

gain access to brazil's electrical household appliances market

As one of largest economies in the world, Brazil is a primary target market for companies seeking to expand their base of business with consumers in the global marketplace. Brazil’s National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality, commonly known as INMETRO, administers mandatory scheme for the testing and certification of most products, including electrical household appliances and products, to help ensure the safety of consumers.

Only electrical household appliances that have been tested and certified by an INMETRO-accredited certification body are legally permitted to be sold in Brazil. Failure to obtain INMETRO certification can result in delays to market entry, or the required withdrawal or seizure of non-certified household appliances, and may also lead to financial penalties.

INMETRO’s technical requirements are based on the international standard IEC 60335 for household and similar electrical appliances, and product certification requires testing by an INMETRO-accredited certification body.

In addition to product testing, compliance with INMETRO certification includes a number of special challenges, such as the appointment of legal representative based in Brazil, annual factory inspections, and the translation of user documents into Portuguese.

TÜV SÜD Brazil is accredited by INMETRO as a Certification Body for a variety of electrical and electronic products, including electrical appliances and products. We can conduct electrical safety testing in our fully accredited laboratory partners in Brazil and TÜV SÜD laboratories elsewhere around the world. Our testing engineers are experienced in testing the complete range of electrical household appliances. Our electrical safety testing is also covered by our internationally accepted ILAC and IECEE CB Scheme accreditation, based on our compliance with ISO 17025.

Our electrical safety testing services at a glance

TÜV SÜD provides a full range of electrical safety testing for compliance with INMETRO requirements. Specific testing services include:

  • High voltage test (dielectric withstand test) - measures the ability of an electrical product to withstand a high voltage applied between a product’s electrical circuit and ground.
  • Leakage current test - evaluates whether current that flows between an AC source and ground does not exceed a specified limit.
  • Insulation resistance test - calibrates the quality of the electrical insulation used.
  • Ground continuity test - ensures that a clear path is available between all exposed metal surfaces and the power system ground.
  • Ground bond test - confirms that the ground connection from a product to earth ground is sufficient.


Gateway to Brazil with INMETRO Certification

Gateway to Brazil

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