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BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme Testing & Certification

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Accredited Testing Lab

About the BIS Certification Scheme

There is a wide range of Indian electrical standards that ensure high levels of safety and quality for consumers and industry. India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s (MEITY) Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) represents these standards and requires mandatory BIS certification for numerous electronic products imported by foreign firms.

To achieve BIS certification, you must first choose a local representative to work with and then have tests conducted by an in-country, recognized laboratory.

Registration is achieved by successfully demonstrating compliance to the MEITY requirements, using a testing laboratory recognized by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and accredited by the Indian National Accreditation Bureau of Laboratories (NABL) to ISO 17025.

Consumer electronics brands hoping to access India’s enormous market are obliged to register and certify their goods against India’s Compulsory Registration Scheme. It is a legal requirement – without which you are prohibited from selling any of the products covered by the regulation.

Compliance also demonstrates to consumers that your product is safe, thereby enhancing your brand and reputation in India.

TÜV SÜD helps you demonstrate compliance fast

TÜV SÜD India provides a one-stop solution for compliance with all Indian standards for electrical goods and appliances.. As one of the world’s largest independent providers of testing and certification services, TÜV SÜD has complete knowledge of local legislation, guidelines and standards, helping you to streamline the compliance process for your electrical and electronic products within the Indian market.

As a BIS accredited laboratory, our strong working relationships with Indian regulators and national certification bodies helps you to achieve compliance and minimize time to market. Our dedicated Global Market Access managers deliver a local service backed up by our extensive global network of experts. We can deliver a wealth of value-added services, including the latest technical, certification and regulatory procedures.

3-step process to BIS certification:

  1. Submit your application with essential documents to TÜV SÜD
  2. Send sample to TÜV SÜD India Laboratory for testing
  3. Register product online with BIS

We provide testing and certification services under India’s Compulsory Registration Scheme for an extensive list of product types:

 TÜV SÜD Accredited Product

Indian Standard Number

Electronic games (Video)

IS 616:2010


IS 13252:2010

Plasma//LCD/LED televisions of screen size 32 inch and above

IS 616:2010

Optical disc players with built in amplifiers of input power of 200W and above

IS 616:2010

Microwave ovens

IS 302 (Part 2 / Sec 25):2014

Visual display units, video monitors of screen size 32 inch and above


Printers and plotters




Wireless keyboards


Telephone answering machines


Amplifiers with input power 200W and above

IS 616:2010

Electronic musical instruments with input power 200W and above

IS 616:2010

Electronic clocks with mains power

IS 302 (Part 2 / Sec 26):2014

Set top box

IS 13252:2010

Automatic data processing machines

IS 13252:2010

Power adaptors for IT equipment

IS 13252:2010

Power adaptors for audio-video & similar electronic apparatus

IS 13252:2010

Mobile phones

IS 13252:2010

Cash registers

IS 13252:2010

Point of sale terminals

IS 13252:2010

Copying machines/duplicators

IS 13252:2010

Smart card readers

IS 13252:2010

Mail processing machines/postage machines/franking machines

IS 13252:2010

Passport reader

IS 13252:2010

Power banks for use in portable applications

IS 13252:2010

Sealed secondary cells (batteries) IS 16046:2015/IEC 62133:2012
Sealed secondary batteries IS 16046:2015/IEC 62133:2012
Fixed General Purpose LED Luminaires IS 10322 (Part-5/ Sec1):2014
LED Luminaries for road and street lighting IS 10322 (Part-5/ Sec1):2014
LED flood lights IS 10322 (Part-5/ Sec1):2014
LED hand lamps; LED lighting chains IS 10322 (Part-5/ Sec1):2014
Self Ballasted LED lamps for General Lighting Services IS 10322 (Part-5/ Sec1):2014
LED Drivers IS 15885(Part-2/Sec 13):2012
D.C. or A.C. supplied electronic control gear for LED Modules IS 15885(Part-2/Sec 13):2012
UPS/invertors of rating <= 5kVA IS 16242 (Part 1):2014
UPS/Inverters of rating <= 10kVA IS 16242 (Part 1):2014
Wireless Microphone IS 616:2010
Digital camera IS 13252:2010
Video camera IS 13252:2010
Webcam (finished product) IS 13252:2010
Smart speakers (with/without display) IS 616:2010
Dimmers for LED products IS 16102(Part-1):2012
Bluetooth speakers IS 616:2010


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