CCC Mark Testing and Certification

CCC Mark Certification

Product compliance with the China Compulsory Certification scheme

Product compliance with the China Compulsory Certification scheme

ABOUT CCC Mark Certification

CCC Certification MarkCCC Certification is a mandatory safety assessment standard required for many products imported or sold in China. Its overarching purpose is to ensure product compliance to Chinese standards with respect to health, safety, environmental and national security concerns. Known formally as the China Compulsory Certification it also goes by the name 3C Certification, CCC Mark, or even just CCC.

the importance of ccc certification

In order to import or sell a host of products in China, companies need to demonstrate that they have obtained the CCC Mark. This applies to goods that are manufactured in China as well.

Currently there are 20 product groups that fall under the mandate, including electrical wires, IT equipment, motor vehicles and automotive components, household electrical appliances, and much more.

Similar in some respects to steps to obtain CE Marking, the CCC Certification process breaks down as follows:

  • Application for the CCC Mark
  • Testing by an accredited lab in China
  • Factory inspection by Chinese inspectors
  • Evaluation of inspections
  • Obtaining the CCC Mark Certification
  • Regular post-certification inspections

Companies that cannot show the CCC Mark on their products may see importation delays by Chinese customs or other penalties. From a branding perspective compliance to the standard is also a value-added activity.

Choose TÜV SÜD for CCC Mark Certification

With state-of-the-art testing facilities across the globe, TÜV SÜD is well-equipped to handle your CCC Certification needs. In particular, China market experts in our lab in Beijing have the ability to support your compliance needs not only for CCC but other voluntary schemes as well.

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