Corporate Social Responsibility

Measure and control the impact of your business on society

Measure and control the impact of your business on society

An organization’s ethical and transparent business operations will contribute towards social well-being

Today's consumer is passionate to know about how the raw materials are extracted and processed, and how goods are manufactured and distributed. Last but not least, how companies protect human rights can be an important part of their buying decision. Further, customers are keen to know how companies maximize opportunities to refurbish, reuse and recycle the used products throughout the supply chain. All operational decisions in an organization are contributing to the societal and environmental impacts on our planet. Organizations need to strive hard to externally communicate on the working conditions, health and safety, gender gap and remuneration of the employees (workforce) and sustainability performance to all stakeholders. 

a socially responsible business

ms sustainabilityA socially responsible business integrates all the aspects of social and environmental performance into the organization’s decision-making process and considers stakeholders' expectations. This integration strengthens the bottom line of business which rewires the success of socially responsible business with the community’s success at large.

The objective of corporate social responsibility is to contribute to an overall sustainable development. It recognizes the need to ensure healthy ecosystems, social equity and good organizational governance and that consumers, workers and the environment all benefit when companies follow the highest standards.

Corporate sustainability practices are especially important today, as consumers and investors are more concerned than ever about social and environmental issues.

our services

Social and governance services from TÜV SÜD will help you fulfill your social and environmental commitments to internationally recognized standards and best practices. We provide a comprehensive set of assessment services to analyze measured impacts and manage the engagements across your value chain. Further, we assist you to integrate and communicate socially responsible business according to international standards.


your benefits

  • Minimize Risk – By complying with national and international statutory requirements of socially responsible business, organization stands on a sound footing.
  • Increase Consumer Loyalty – Enhance customer preference towards your brands/ products and services due to your demonstrated commitment to a socially sustainable business model.
  • Gain Stakeholder Buy-In – Increasingly, businesses are coming under greater scrutiny to prove their commitment to corporate social responsibility. Improving your practices creates a stronger and more sustainable relationship with conscious stakeholders.


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