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ISO 30415 - Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations

Create an inclusive culture with a diverse workforce

Create an inclusive culture with a diverse workforce


The ISO 30415 Guideline on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) was issued in May 2021 by the ISO (International Standard Organization). The concepts of diversity and inclusion are emerging worldwide as a fundamental value within the workplace, as a backbone of organizations' sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies, and as a tool to improve resilience and reputation.

ISO 30415 - Diversity & Inclusion in OrganizationsDiversity refers to the characteristics that determine differences and similarities between individuals and that influence the identity and perspective that individuals bring with them to the workplace. Inclusion refers instead to the set of inclusive practices towards all the stakeholders present in the context of the organization.

The objective of the ISO 30415 guideline is to provide an approach to the interpretation of the D&I theme through the integration of the principles of diversity and inclusion in organizations mainly in the following areas: inclusive culture; human resource lifecycle management; design, development and delivery of products and services; supply chain management and stakeholder management and involvement, stimulating a clear definition of Roles and Responsibilities within the Organization as well as paying attention to its own D&I context.

ISO 30415 provides guidelines on:

• Fundamental principles and themes of Diversity and Inclusion

• Integration of D&I principles into an organization's strategies, systems, practices, and processes

• Standard elements with which organizations must measure themselves and integration with ESG and Sustainability themes and strategies

• Importance of the results and improvement of the performance of an organization

Benefits of ISO 30415

  • Increase awareness – understand the potential gaps within your organization’s D&I strategy, covering all dimensions of diversity.
  • Gain a competitive advantage – fuel digital agility, innovation and resilience across your organization by leveraging D&I as a core organizational strength that optimizes technology and workforce. Demonstrate your commitment to having D&I at the core of the organization’s values and culture.
  • Attract and retain the best talent – build a positive and inclusive workplace that gives your organization a progressive market reputation to attract the right employees, and gain their trust and long-term loyalty.
  • Minimize risk – prevent any reputational risk, especially when disclosing public statements about D&I topics

Our Services

TÜV SÜD’s global team of experts can offer you independent, third-party support that is tailored to your organization's needs. The Assessment Project is generally developed ad hoc, according to the needs of each organization. In addition to the ISO 30415 assessment, our service portfolio includes training which follows the recommended guidelines defined by ISO 30415, as well as D&I awareness training across every level of the organization.

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Create an inclusive culture with a diverse workforce

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