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Multi-Axis Simulation Table (MAST)

Partner with us and discover the future of environmental and mechanical testing with our 6-degrees of freedom MAST System.

Partner with us and discover the future of environmental and mechanical testing with our 6-degrees of freedom MAST System.

Unleashing the Power of MAST Testing 

 Elevate your product testing to unprecedented levels with TÜV SÜD's Multi-Axial Simulation Table (MAST) systems – the epitome of precision, reliability, and innovation in the automotive industry.

Why MAST Testing Matters

Our MAST systems meticulously replicate real-world vibrational conditions in a controlled laboratory environment. This means you get comprehensive, real-time data on how your vehicle components perform under the most rigorous conditions. 



TÜV SÜD's MAST system goes beyond traditional testing. Capable of performing all six axes of motion across a wide range of operational conditions, it ensures your products are robust enough to handle even the most unpredictable end-use environments, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the Transportation industry.

TÜV SÜD’s industry-leading MAST system uses servo-electric actuation, allowing for a higher-frequency response (0.5 - 150Hz at 1500kg payload), improved precision, quieter operation and increased durability over traditional hydraulic systems. This technology allows for highly accurate and rapid adjustments, ensuring that tests are conducted with the utmost precision.

Applications Across the BOARD

MAST testing is a game-changer for the transportation industry. From noise and vibration testing to dynamics assessments on fuel tanks, structural performance, and durability testing of components, our MAST system is your key to unlocking a new standard of product development. It's wide range of applications includes: 

  • EV Batteries: Ensures battery safety and reliability for electric and hybrid vehicles. 
  • Engine or Motor Mounts: Ensures the robustness and resilience of engine mounts under various driving conditions. 
  • Chassis Accessories: Tests the durability and performance of chassis components with unmatched accuracy. 
  • Exhaust Line: Assess exhaust system integrity, minimizing noise and vibration concerns. 
  • Radiators: Evaluates radiator efficiency, guaranteeing optimal engine cooling. 
  • Heat Exchangers: Assess the effectiveness of heat exchangers for consistent thermal performance. 
  • Heat Pumps: Tests heat pump components for efficiency and durability. 
  • Cooling System: Evaluates the cooling system's ability to maintain optimal temperatures. 
  • Seats: Enhances passenger comfort and safety through seat testing. 
  • Instrument Panel: Assess instrument panel functionality and durability. 
  • Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle (BSR): Detects and eliminates unwanted noises or vibrations for an enhanced driving experience. 

In addition, the MAST system has broad utility beyond the ground vehicle industry.  For example, we can use our system to test seismic readiness on nonstructural equipment such as generators and HVAC systems to meet a growing market demand for mandated certification for public buildings and healthcare facilities. 


Our Engaged Experts design MAST tests based on proven proving ground methods. By refining data from the proving ground to focus on damaging content, we create a high-certainty, repeatable test. This not only accelerates the testing process but also allows you to correlate simulated part-life to proving ground part-life.

What we offer over our competitors

  • Faster to Market, Cost-Effective Results: Our MAST table offers lightning-fast response times, significantly reducing the time needed to subject your parts to a full lifespan, accelerating your product development cycle. This efficiency translates to getting new and improved products to market faster and more cost-effectively.
  • Innovative Battery Testing: Experience the unique capability of our multi-axial simulation table system, providing real-time load cycling of batteries in a self-contained room with cutting-edge fire suppression technology. Safety and performance converge for a comprehensive battery testing solution.
  • Higher Frequency: Achieve a broader range of frequencies, enabling more comprehensive testing and analysis. 
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline your testing process with our cutting-edge technology, making your assessments more productive than ever. 
  • Quieter Testing: Allowing for more accuracy with servo-electric actuation technology, which is quieter, has a much better range of testing over hydraulics, unlike our competitors, and allows for greater frequency resulting in more accurate testing results.  

Choose TÜV SÜD for MAST testing that sets the standard for excellence, ensuring your vehicles and components meet and exceed industry expectations.

Contact Us for Invaluable Insights 

For more information about our MAST testing services or to speak with one of our experts, contact TÜV SÜD today. Partner with us and experience the future of automotive innovation. 

By partnering with TÜV SÜD you gain the following benefits

  • Stay ahead of developments by working together with global experts who are at the forefront of the electrical energy storage industry and can help you meet customer and regulatory safety requirements. 
  • Save time and money with reliable tests that reduce warranty claims, time to market and R&D activities. 
  • Ensure a more accurate risk assessment by testing your batteries in extreme environmental conditions and outside normal operation conditions. This can trigger developing suitable countermeasures early enough in the development and avoid delays in the final development phase. 
  • Benefit from a single-source provider for battery safety testing and certification that extends through the entire value chain, from component to final product. 
  • Gain customer confidence by leveraging TÜV SÜD’s reputation as the preferred third-party testing partner. 

“We are very proud of our new EV battery testing lab in the heart of Detroit. We at TÜV SÜD have been testing EV batteries for over 10 years in North America and we’ve finally made a permanent home here. It’s very exciting. I am so proud to be a part of it.” Jonathan Drew, Head of Automotive & Transportation Testing Services, USA. 


TÜV SÜD’s portfolio of battery safety and abuse tests cover tests for a host of different uses: from electric vehicles and off-road, aerospace, rail, and waterborne transport to the extensive field of stationary energy storage systems for energy from renewable sources. We have years of international experience and can support our customers through our global laboratory with modern test equipment and highly competent experts. Our holistic approach and commitment to safety will optimize the reliability of your battery and other energy storage products. 

Through our expanding network of laboratories throughout North America, Germany, China, Korea, Thailand, Japan, and Singapore, we are ready to serve the needs of our customers, provide international market access as well as in-country experience and know-how. Our global testing network is equipped with state-of-the-art safety testing equipment enabling testing to extreme limits in safe conditions – safe for your intellectual property, safe for the environment and, above all, safe for you and our colleagues performing the tests. We provide the full range of battery safety testing services and validation planning, and our interdisciplinary expertise will support you in streamlining your product development. 

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