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Welding Certification

Improve quality and become a preferred partner

Improve quality and become a preferred partner

Overview of Welding Certification

The Construction Products Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 (CPR) came into full effect on July 1, 2013 and EN 1090 replaced DIN 18800-7 for steel structures and DIN V 4113-3 for aluminum structures. According to the CPR in conjunction with European Standard EN 1090, all economic operators who wish to place load-bearing steel and aluminum structures on the EU market must comply with a number of requirements, such as affixing the CE marking to their products.

Based on requirements set forth in standards or customer requests, certification may also be required in other areas, such as under the scope of state building codes according to DIN 18800-7 and/or EN ISO 17660 or in the free-market sector according to EN ISO 3834 for the qualification of welding companies.

Our Welding Certification Services

EN 1090 Manufacturer CertificationTÜV SÜD Industry Service was one of the first certification bodies for metal construction products in Germany to become accredited by Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS) and notified for the CPR. As an inspection agency and certification body authorized by Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt), we can also support manufacturers by providing inspection and certification services according to EN 1090. 

With a TÜV SÜD certificate, you can establish your compliance with the relevant requirements of the CPR or EN 1090 series of standards and become authorized to affix the CE marking to your products.

Our experts offer comprehensive, competent and cost-effective support in this fascinating and sophisticated field of activities. TÜV SÜD is a notified body for metal construction products falling under the scope of the construction products regulation (CE mark). Our laboratories have been accredited as per the EN ISO 17025 and our inspection bodies as per the EN ISO 17020 standard.

Our services include:

  • Auditing/certification of pressure equipment manufacturers and welding companies in accordance with:
    • AD-2000-HP0, TRD 201, KTA 3201.3 and KTA 3211.3
    • PED 2014/68/EU (module audits)
    • ISO 3834
    • ISO 9001
    • EN 15085-2
    • RID in conjunction with EN 14025 and ISO 3834-2
  • Manufacturer certification according to DIN EN 1090: Load-bearing steel and aluminum structures
  • Auditing/certification of manufacturers under CPR 305/201106 in accordance with EN 1090-1
  • Consulting services and approvals under the scope of the ASME code (conventional and nuclear)
  • Approval of welding and soldering procedures (procedure qualifications), e.g. ISO 15614-1
  • Certification of welders and solderers, e.g. ISO 9606-1
  • Auditing and certification of manufacturers of welding filler material, e.g. EN 13479
  • Testing, monitoring and certification of welding filler material as per VdTÜV Code of Practice 1153 and as a notified body as per CPR 305/2011 and as a basis for subsequent DB approvals
  • Inspection/surveillance of the production of welded structures and components
  • Consulting services on welding issues
  • Damage analyses and assessments
  • Metallographic examinations
  • Non-destructive and destructive testing of material
  • Measurements of workplace exposure at your welding stations
  • Consulting on occupational health and safety issues

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