UKCA Marking for pressure equipment

UKCA Marking for Pressure Equipment

Access the United Kingdom market

Access the United Kingdom market

Attain access to the Great Britain pressure equipment market with UKCA marking

UKCA MarkingBy January 1, 2023, all pressure equipment sold in Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales) must display the UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) marking. UKCA replaces the European Union’s CE marking. Manufacturers and importers need to take the necessary steps to ensure that UKCA marking is affixed to their pressure equipment or face penalties. Specifically, all products must be certified under the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation (PESR) of UKCA. TÜV SÜD makes that complex process seamless – and can have you fully certified in a matter of weeks.

How we can help you meet UKCA marking requirements

As an approved body for pressure equipment in the United Kingdom, we will guide you professionally through the UKCA certification. At the end of the process, we provide you with the certificates that you need to affix the UKCA marking and place your products in the Great Britain market. Contact us now to ensure permanent access to the UK market for your pressure equipment. Our pressure equipment experts have all the answers to the key questions related to the UKCA marking and will guide you reliably and professionally through the certification process.

UKCA for pressure equipment material manufacturers

Material manufacturers that supply pressure equipment makers also need to adhere to UKCA standards or could risk losing business. TÜV SÜD engineers will do a site visit and perform quality audits, test materials, and provide a certificate stating that the quality system fulfills the UKCA requirement.

pressure equipment that requires UKCA Marking

If your pressure equipment has a CE certification, it can still be placed on the market in Great Britain with this marking until December 31, 2022.

Please note that the requirements in Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland) are different from the requirements in Northern Ireland.

  • In Great Britain, products with CE marking can still be sold until December 31, 2022. From January 1, 2023 onwards, they will require UKCA marking.
  • In Northern Ireland, products with CE marking can continue to be sold after December 31, 2022. Dual labeling with UK(NI) CE is also possible.

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UKCA Marking for Pressure Equipment

The New UKCA Marking for Pressure Equipment

Learn how the new UKCA certification process works for pressure equipment

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