Asset Integrity Management Services

Optimize your plant safety and asset integrity management program

Optimize your plant safety and asset integrity management program

Ensure the Safety and Efficiency of Your Plants

Asset integrity management (AIM) ensures that the right processes, procedures and tools are in place so that your plant assets function safely, effectively and efficiently at every stage of their lifecycles. Asset integrity management programs are especially relevant in energy, chemical, oil and gas industries to help ensure that employees are working in a safe environment, equipment is optimized for performance and operability, and that equipment and processes are maintained to avoid potential losses and risks.

A comprehensive asset integrity management program combines equipment design, maintenance, process, operations, inspection and management concepts. In addition to design, AIM programs also assist in commissioning and decommissioning phases of projects. All components work together to provide quality assurance and compliance with asset integrity management standards related to health, safety and the environment.

3 phases of Asset Integrity Management

    Phase 1: Asset Integrity Investigation and Improvement Audit (AIIIA)

    • In the analysis phase, we investigate existing asset management processes, procedures and tools in the mid-term service period:
      • Screening
      • Assessment of equipment – specific procedures
      • Detailed assessment of critical items
      • Inspection and maintenance procedures
      • Operating procedures
      • Spare parts and procurement
      • Training and qualification
      • Update of mechanical integrity framework
      • Final reporting including gap analysis, benchmark and action list

    Phase 2: Improvement programs

    Phase 3: Performance measurement

    • In the stabilization phase, we support you with performance management of these activities:

      • Implementation of reasonable KPIs
      • Performance checks
      • Regular audits and certification

Asset Integrity Management Services Available To You

TÜV SÜD hosts a comprehensive array of asset integrity management services including:

We Help To Ensure That Your Plant Runs Safety and Reliably

TÜV SÜD’s Asset Integrity Investigation and Improvement Audit (AIIIA) is a straightforward methodology to assess the actual status with respect to structural integrity issues within the oil and gas industry and beyond. Our experts are on hand to address technical, managerial, organizational and practical topics across the entire organization and aids acceptance by international insurance companies.

As equipment and process failures still can occur, we work with you to review protective systems and contingency plans to ensure that if a loss occurs, the mitigating efforts will perform as expected in order for to recover as fast as possible. In recognition of the unique hazards for the various manufacturing and process industries, we will deploy engineers who have worked in the industry specific operations on a worldwide basis.

Benefits to TÜV SÜD’s AIM programs include:

  • Enhancing of plant profit and performance
  • Improving safety and performance of facilities, equipment and processes
  • Maximizing equipment’s Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM)
  • Reduction in inspection and maintenance costs
  • Improving employee performance and safety
  • Compliance with company, local and global standards and regulations for health, safety and the environment
  • Comprehensive training programs available on a wide variety of subjects


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