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DIN EN 15267 - QAL1- certification

Continuous emission measure from ambient air quality in accordance with the EN guideline DIN EN 15267

Continuous emission measure from ambient air quality in accordance with the EN guideline DIN EN 15267

DIN EN 15267

For an optimized environmental protection, reliable values from continues measurement units are the most important criterion. The European regulation allowed in the mandatory area only DIN EN 15267 certified automated measuring systems for the continuous measurements of air pollution. Regular certification procedures for QAL1-certificates only still established in UK and Germany. But outside the European Union a QAL1-certificate facilitates the entrance in international markets.


The QAL1-certification for automatic emission measuring instruments is accomplished on the basis of DIN EN 15267 sheets 1 to 3 and is divided into the following work procedures:

  • Laboratory test
  • Field test
  • Auditing the manufacturer’s quality management system

We Can Help You with QAl1-Certification

We support you with our wide range of services:

  • TÜV SÜD is a notified and accredited institute for QAL1-certifications.
  • We are among the three largest institutes in Germany carry out emission measurements, calibrations and functional tests according the government rules in Germany.
  • We offer all our services worldwide. With 800 offices around the world, one will be close to you.
  • Our experts will adduce all achievements around the examination for you.
  • We will provide you with the inspection scheme, driven you through of the laboratory and the preparation of field test.
  • We guide you through the international accepted publication process by the German authorities (LAI) for your measuring system.

Following the successful qualification tests the certificate will be hand out and registered in the official German database QAL1.

Your Trusted Partner

  • We hold decades of experience in suitability testing services.
  • We use most modern laboratory equipment with air-conditioned rooms, accessible climatic chambers and our newest made laboratory.
  • LAN it possible run interlaced automatic test sequences and the associated data storage allows us fast result evaluations and if necessary adaptive development if necessary.
  • Our international practical experience in the area of the installation consultation, functional test (AST), calibration (QAL2) and monitoring of quality controls (QAL3) as well as execution of performance test at most diverse plants will build the base for your success.
  • You are winning legal security, because of our expert’s knowledge in the European Union and international relevant laws, regulations and standards.
  • Based on our professional support you can expect a smooth and efficient operational sequence within the certification of your measuring system.

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