Performance testing and improvement for power plants

Monitor and improve your plant performance

Monitor and improve your plant performance

our experts help you maximiZe your plant’s efficiency

A performance test is usually carried out after the construction or retrofit of a plant. It verifies that the plant can achieve its guaranteed parameters and function as intended. A performance test can help maximize plant efficiency, reduce plant emissions, and minimize operating costs by identifying any shortfalls in the efficiency and capacity of the plant and providing recommendations for recovery and performance improvement

We offer independent execution and third-party supervision of performance testing for all types of power plants (coal fired, oil fired, gas fired, waste to energy, biomass to energy, solar, wind, hydro) and components such as gas and steam turbines, boilers, condensers, cooling towers and gas compressors. Our experts give a credible review of guaranteed conditions, assess non-conformities and serve as expert witnesses for technical mediation and moderation. You will be able to gain confidence in your plant’s performance through reproducible, rapidly delivered results on plant efficiency, power output, consumption figures and performance parameters of major components.

What performance testing involves

Execution and Evaluation of Acceptance and Performance Tests

  • TÜV SÜD reviews test procedures and programs for verification of contractual guarantees, executes acceptance tests and measurements in compliance with the requirements of international codes and standards.
  • Our experts perform computation and evaluation of performance test measurements.
  • Our reports on test measurements include statements concerning the fulfillment of guarantees.
  • We also offer measurements and evaluation of condition after retrofitting, as well as periodic measurements and performance monitoring of the entire power plant.

Witnessing of Tests

  • Our experts provide witnessing and third-party supervision of acceptance and performance tests as well as for power purchase agreements (PPA).

Calibration Service

  • We carry out calibration of high-precision measuring devices in our accredited Laboratory for pressure and temperature. Our experts can also carry out on-site calibration of operational measuring devices.

Emissions/Vibrations/Noise Testing

  • TÜV SÜD offers emissions measurements and monitoring, fuel analysis, as well as noise and vibration measurements.


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