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Physical Property Data Services (PPDS)

Access to over 1,500 quality assured chemical compounds

Access to over 1,500 quality assured chemical compounds

Our PPDS Thermodynamic Properties Database and Calculation Suite provides accurate physical property data for use in a vast range of process engineering applications.

What is Physical Property Data Services (PPDS)?

Used daily throughout the world for over 30 years, whether for the chemical, process, energy or pharmaceuticals sectors, PPDS allows users access to over 1,500 quality assured chemical compounds based on actual measured data. Its sophisticated calculation package has the flexibility to perform anything from quick and basic everyday calculations to more complex thermodynamic problems.

what are the common applications for PPDS? 

  • Fluid properties
  • Separation
  • Petroleum fractions
  • Equipment sizing
  • Fluid flow
  • Phase envelopes
  • Heat transfer
  • Safety critical data


  • Determine how the vapour pressure of an organic solvent varies with temperature
  • Find the enthalpy-temperature curve for a multi-component mixture
  • Derive the mutual solubility of a hydrocarbon in water
  • Display the T-x and y-x plots for a binary mixture
  • Determine the phase envelope for a natural gas
  • Estimate, correlate and store the properties of a new chemical compound
  • Calculate the binary parameters for a thermodynamic model from experimental phase-equilibrium data

What ARE THE KEY BENEFITS OF USING Physical Property Data Services SOFTWARE?

  • Quality-assured physical property data based on validated measurements
  • A sophisticated thermodynamics calculation suite based on industry codes and established equations-of-state
  • Full traceability and measurement uncertainty values returned for all data and calculations
  • The ability to add additional user databanks of pure components and binary systems
  • Tailored to meet specific user needs with customised menus
  • Ability to integrate into other systems, including commercial software e.g. HYSYS and CFD
  • Fully supported by a team of established technical experts and scientists

  • Technical Specification
    • Windows 32-bit architecture
    • Client-Server architecture
    • Operating system: Windows 10
    • PPDS Software Suite elements
      • Graphical User Interface
      • Components database
        • ~1,500 pure component database
      • Thermoserver Calculation engine,
        • Provides software API
        • Special Calculation Packages for petroleum fractions, heat transfer fluids, water, refrigerants and key chemicals.
      • MicrosoftTM ExcelTM Add-In
      • Intranet Web User Interface
      • ANSYSTM FLUENTTM UDF generator
      • DataExpert data regression tool
        • For adding custom pure components to PPDS database
      • PFit data regression tool
        • For adding Binary Interaction Parameters (BIPs) to PPDS database



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