Hydrogen services that enable safety for your ideas

Make decarbonisation happen with our services for low-carbon and green hydrogen

Make decarbonisation happen with our services for low-carbon and green hydrogen

Hydrogen will play a central part in a carbon-free future

Integrating renewable energy into existing industries and infrastructure will not work without hydrogen. To achieve a carbon-free economy, we need to increase the amount of energy from renewable sources like photovoltaic, wind, and geothermal. Simultaneously we need to make this energy available to an existing industry, energy, and mobility infrastructure. Power-to-X solutions based on low carbon and green hydrogen will be a central element to master this challenge successfully. 


Our services for hydrogen – we are your partner for every step in your project

Hydrogen storage and transportation table Hydrogen storage and transportation table Hydrogen storage and transportation table

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Your company's challenges while developing and integrating hydrogen into the business strategy and processes can vary greatly. Prominent examples from our customers include uncertainty regarding financial risks, dealing with authorities, internationalisation of products, and training and qualification of employees.

At TÜV SÜD, we have developed a service portfolio and hydrogen ecosystem that exceed the specific services in the industry. As a result, we will help you eliminate risks and ensure safety from strategy to operation. 



Companies that want to stay ahead of the competition and capitalise on opportunities created by the growing hydrogen market will find a reliable partner in TÜV SÜD. We can ensure safety and efficiency in your projects, covering the whole value chain of hydrogen from source to application. 




With over 150 years of experience in safety, security, and sustainability and over 1000 locations worldwide, we are by your side and can help you as a reliable partner in all your hydrogen projects.

We have decades of experience with hydrogen technology, applications, and equipment. Over 500 of our experts are experienced with hydrogen and ensure high availability and leading know-how for almost any customer request. Popular services include employee qualification and staff training, our extensive network of component testing and high-pressure laboratories, plant monitoring, and H2 readiness checks. 


Hydrogen Services of TÜV SÜD - overview of locations, experts and solutions.



Navigate, understand, and forecast opportunities and risks in the complex hydrogen market


We are aware that many of our customers need support to navigate the hydrogen market to understand the advantages and disadvantages of hydrogen in the context of their business and target market. At TÜV SÜD, we can deliver safety, certification, and market access services that will enable you to develop and integrate hydrogen while minimising risks and ensuring compliance with regulations and standards.

In addition, we realise the need of many of our customers for support with business decisions and external expertise along the whole project lifecycle of hydrogen projects. With our subsidiaries LBST and evety, we can offer help and guidance in these situations. LBST can deliver insights into the future of hydrogen in your market and help your business to make well-informed decisions. Evety can add value throughout the entire hydrogen project lifecycle with a consultancy that enables you to navigate the complex hydrogen market. 


Klaus Alltfeld, CEO evety sees a great chance for economically viable hydrogen applications


"The costs of low carbon hydrogen will decrease significantly in the future. That will enable a wide variety of economically viable hydrogen applications. We help our customers to execute projects that allow them to capitalise on this trend." – Dr Klaus Altfeld, CEO evety



Global market access through strong relationships and global networks


We have established relationships with regulators and RCS committees which means our documentation is accepted globally. In combination with our global network of global market access (GMA) managers and hydrogen specialists, you can effectively target international markets. All our GMA services are flexible enough to meet your specific needs. Furthermore, we can provide you with the latest technical, certification procedures, and regulatory news.  


Global markets through hydrogen




Hydrogen services for your custom setup and requirements


Based on years of experience, we have created a service portfolio that helps you turn your ideas into reality. Below is an overview of our hydrogen service offering – for additional requests and custom services, feel free to contact us by clicking here.


    • Technical due diligence
    • Evaluation of design concepts
    • Technical reports, e.g. wind and yield reports
    • Evaluation of safety concepts (HAZOP) for pressure and ex-hazards
    • Worldwide market access (GMA) for market entry
    • Dimensioning/ strength calculations
    • Suitability assessment of existing and newly build pipelines ("H2-ready certificate")
    • Hydrogen Pipelines - Safety and Certification of Hydrogen transport
    • Approval management, according to BImSchG and others
    • Support in the preparation of prequalification documents
    • Load variation analyses
    • Evaluation of material compatibility
    • Risk assessment of surface installations
    • Evaluation of safety concept
    • Approval management
    • Supplier assessment
    • Risk assessment for the product or the plant management
    • Process engineering large-scale plant support
    • Services for risk-based inspection
    • Regulation know-how – RCS (Regulation, Codes & Standards); Transfer to the mobile application
    • Approval process at the Federal Motor Transport Authority as a technical service
    • Interface for vehicle homologation
    • Support of the approval process for the Federal Railway Office
    • Support placing on the market
    • Support project management
    • Project and plant certification according to national and international regulations (e.g. IEC, BSH, WSV)
    • Support in the approval procedure and testing of systems subject to testing (pressure, Ex, AwSV, cranes, etc.) with project management
    • Quality monitoring during production and installation
    • Component qualification, certification, homologation, and testing
    • Hydrogen resistance of materials/ proof of material resistance for H2
    • Assembly Conformity (CE)
    • Energy certification "GreenHydrogen"
    • Design testing for "low-standstill operation"
    • Testing of systems subject to inspection (pressure, Ex, water) with project management
    • Safety-related construction supervision, tests, and acceptance tests
    • Fracture mechanics service life verification
    • Authorisation for the transport of dangerous goods
    • Special manufacturing processes (Kaltrecken)
    • Conformity of pressure equipment and assemblies
    • Tests according to mining law
    • Water chemical analyses
    • Site assessments and permission procedures according to regulations
    • Interface testing between infrastructure and mobility
    • Testing before commissioning
    • Testing ex-protection and ex-safety
    • Innovative test methods (acoustic emission)
    • Market conformity of "combustion plants" (CE)
    • Conformity of pressure equipment and assemblies
    • Evaluation of stresses from high-temperature processes
    • Audits according to the Energy Industry Act
    • Testing of systems subject to inspection (pressure, Ex, water) with project management
    • Testing and certification of fuel cell systems
    • Conformity of production, in service conformity and market surveillance service
    • Training project developer – features H2
    • Training operator safe handling of H2
    • H2 training – safe handling of H2



While we can offer almost all our services immediately and as an out-of-the-box solution, we are more than happy to take the time to discuss your specific needs and processes. Our goal is to provide you with a custom set of solutions and services to ensure a balanced efficiency, safety, and speed approach.


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