Fostering a safe occupational environment

Fostering a safe occupational environment

We are shaping our business success of tomorrow by continuing to strengthen and empower our employees amid a state-of-the-art environment founded on trust.




As a responsible employer, we ensure that our employees around the world can work in a safe occupational environment without endangering their health. To achieve this, we focus on all aspects of their responsibilities, from classic desk-based duties to physically challenging activities such as testing wind turbines or cable cars, and work with complex equipment or hazardous materials.



occupational safety


We pursue the Vision Zero approach, striving for a world free from accidents at work and occupational diseases. Our laboratories, processes, and management systems likewise fulfil all requirements and are certified under the relevant occupational health and safety standards. All of our employees receive occupational medical care.  

In Germany, a centrally coordinated first aid and emergency management system was set up in 2016 to ensure safety in all procedures along the emergency response chain and efficient management of first-aider appointment and training. In addition, many of our German locations have installed automated external defibrillator (AED) sets, with 145 AEDs supplied to vehicle service centres in 2020 alone. 

Finally, in addition to providing occupational mental health services in cases of stress or workplace conflict, we set up a 24-hour emergency mental health service and hotline for employees in 2013.  

We further emphasized our commitment by signing the 2017 Singapore Declaration of the International SOS Foundation. Since then, all TÜV SÜD employees traveling on business have been able to rely on a global network of assistance centres providing fast professional help for medical emergencies or security-relevant issues. They operate around the clock and are currently available in around 70 countries and over 90 languages. 



Global health & safety policy


Reflecting the internationalization strategy of our company, our corporate health management (CHM) follows an international approach by combining the concepts of statutory healthcare (including occupational health and safety) and voluntary health promotion. We pledge to uphold the principles of the Luxembourg Declaration on Workplace Health Promotion in the European Union, which we signed in 2013.


In 2017 we passed our Global Health & Safety Policy to serve as the basis for our actions and revised the policy in 2021. It sets out the organization of our healthcare at global level for all TÜV SÜD companies. Under central coordination and management, over 30 Regional Health & Safety Managers are in charge of workplace health and safety and implement our healthcare management principles at local level. The policy revision added actions concerning mental health, gave greater consideration to new forms of working, and introduced supplementary performance indicators.


We provide a broad range of measures to raise our employees’ health-consciousness in both professional and personal settings. Specific prevention-based services (e.g. screening for colorectal cancer, stress, and diabetes) improve our employees’ motivation and performance and help to counteract sickness-related absenteeism and the consequences of demographic change. The measures we provide often extend far beyond the requirements of the law.



lIFELONG LEARNING – required and encouraged


In a dynamic environment, the tasks we confront as a service provider are constantly evolving. In the face of technological progress, digital transformation, and an increasingly connected and complex global economy, the requirements we make of our employees are changing in equal measure. We aim to empower our employees to master these challenges by providing wide-ranging qualification and continuing training offers. Continuing training is required and encouraged. In 2021 our employees completed around 84,200 days of qualification and continuing training courses, amounting to more than 26 hours per capita.  

Beyond this, we also focus on targeted development of our executives and experts. Our longstanding “Leadership & Expert Development House” programs have placed systematic and continuous human resource development of specialists and executives at the heart of our international human resource operations for some years.  

Human resources have a key role to play amid the advancement of digitalization by supporting employees along the way to digital transformation and the new business areas unlocked by the process. Our global HR operations provide a variety of programs for a wide range of requirements, enabling our employees to inform themselves about core topics in digitalisation and deepen their knowledge.  





We aim to assess the performance of our employees with the maximum possible objectivity in accordance with uniform Group-wide standards. To achieve this, we have established global structured processes for target agreements, feedback, and performance assessments. Wherever they are in the world, our employees accordingly always have the chance to discuss their performance status and development opportunities with their supervisors. These may include development within the current position or a different position of equal or higher rank, but also measures such as job rotation and international deployment. Such measures can enable employees to expand personal knowledge and skills and gather international experience within the company. 

Identification and encouragement of high potentials is a key strand of our human resource strategy. We provide targeted activities and programs to support these employees in their professional and personal development and strengthen their loyalty to our company. These programs include various offerings for different levels of employee development as well as additional regional programs.





TÜV SÜD stands for diversity and inclusion. The members of our company are from over 100 different countries, are in varying age groups, lead different lifestyles, and contribute an enormous range of skillsets, views, and interests. We are convinced that it is precisely this diversity that plays an important role in TÜV SÜD’s success. We signed the Charta der Vielfalt (German Diversity Charter) as early as June 2017 and pledge to uphold its principles of creating a working environment that is free from prejudice. All employees at TÜV SÜD deserve to be appreciated regardless of their gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion or worldview, disability, age, sexual orientation, and identity. In 2021 we further underpinned this pledge by introducing a “Diversity and Inclusion” management policy applicable across the entire company. The policy is a clear expression of TÜV SÜD’s promotion of a culture of inclusivity with zero tolerance of any form of harassment or discrimination. 


TÜV SÜD opposes all forms of discrimination. We also proactively support diversity and inclusion networks founded within the company on the personal initiative of our employees:

  • Founded in 2019, prOut provides a centre for general LGBTIQ-focused dialogue and activity planning at TÜV SÜD. The equivalent initiative in the USA is the PRISM-network.

  • The International Women’s Network connects women throughout the company and the world and organizes discussion and debate, coaching, and networking events.

We also work ceaselessly to optimize our diversity management and root its themes even more firmly in our company. We have made great strides in advancing the topic of diversity within the company, particularly in recent years; new reports and performance indicators have been introduced in HR management and diversity factors have been added to existing observation parameters to ensure our progress is quantifiable. Find more information about diversity at TÜV SÜD here.



work-life balance


Work-life balance is a core element of our corporate culture and also an important aspect of our corporate social responsibility. We seek to establish optimum conditions for this by providing a wide range of working time models and opportunities for mobile working. In addition, for many years we have offered a constantly growing range of programmes and services to our employees, such as childcare or family care-related issues. 

Since 2009, we have regularly participated in the “berufundfamilie” (career and family) audit to safeguard the high quality of the services we offer. In the fifth round of the audit in 2021, we gained “Gold” status. 

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