Post shipment inspection services

Safeguard your product's quality

Safeguard your product's quality

What is a post shipment inspection?

A post-shipment inspection involves the detailed inspection of products or materials upon arrival at a port of entry or the shipment’s intended destination for compliance with the terms and conditions of the original purchase. Post-shipment inspection criteria can include verification of the quantity or quality of the shipped product, identification of any transit-related damage or degradation, or whether secured shipping containers or packages were tampered with in transit.

Post-shipment inspection can provide manufacturers and suppliers with important, independent and verifiable information that helps to identify potential problems in advance and that facilitates the resolution of disputes.

Ensure the satisfaction of your global customers

In today’s global economy, businesses rely on manufacturers and suppliers from countries around the world to provide quality products and materials that meet their requirements. However, when transporting products and materials via multiple carriers over long distances, accidents, mistakes and even fraudulent acts can result in shipments and deliveries that fall short of customer expectations. When this happens, manufacturers and suppliers are at a significant disadvantage when attempting to validate such claims, and in identifying the cause or causes of failure. But regardless of the validity of the claim or the cause, the result is an unhappy customer, a financial loss to the supplier, or both.

TÜV SÜD’s post shipment inspection services 

When coupled with pre-shipment inspections, post-shipment inspections provide manufactures and suppliers with assurances that the products and materials that their customers receive are the same as those that have been shipped.


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