TÜV SÜD ESG Supplier Audits assess the maturity level of a company’s defined controls and implemented practices

Suppliers Audit and ESG Requirements

Ensure your suppliers are aligned to your sustainability goals

Ensure your suppliers are aligned to your sustainability goals

Proper due diligence mandates thorough risk management in supply chains, but companies struggle with control and lack of resources to tackle ESG issues.


What are TÜV SÜD ESG Supplier Audits?

TÜV SÜD ESG Supplier Audits assess the maturity level and robustness of a supplier’s defined controls and implemented practices to:

  • Manage Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) performance responsibly.
  • Address compliance with relevant regulations and standards.
  • Mitigate adverse impact risks.
  • Promote continuous improvement.


Why are TÜV SÜD ESG Supplier Audits essential?

The global business landscape is shifting, and with it, the demands placed on responsible corporations. Sustainable supply chains are no longer a distant ideal, but a pressing reality driven by legal obligations, investor expectations, and evolving consumer preferences. Gone are the days of prioritising solely cost and delivery; now, ethical sourcing, risk mitigation, and environmental impact are paramount.

But navigating the complexities of a sustainable supply chain can be daunting. ESG Supplier Audits assess whether your suppliers are aligned to your values and comply with increasingly stringent regulations. They are crucial tools to manage due diligence obligations and protect your brand:

  • Prevention - independently cross-check your risk analysis and suppliers’ self-declarations.
  • Mitigation - assess the robustness of systems and practices in place at high-risk suppliers.


How can TÜV SÜD help you?

We assess the supplier’s alignment to your sustainability expectations through our standardised TÜV SÜD checklist or your own Code of Conduct. Our audits evaluate if suppliers contribute to your sustainability goals, share similar values, and integrate ESG considerations into their daily operations.

Additionally, we gauge supplier resilience, flexibility, and ability to respond rapidly to disruptions. Our ESG Supplier Audits strike a balance between standard practices and addressing higher-risk areas. This ensures adherence to social, ethical, and environmental best practices. We also offer topic-specific supplier audits to enhance monitoring and address specific areas of improvement or remediation.  


Your business benefits at a glance

TÜV SÜD offers impartial third-party ESG audits on a global scale, leveraging independent, industry-expert auditors to provide valuable insights into your upstream and downstream value chain. Dedicated local project managers backed by an experienced international team of auditors and experts ensures flexible and cost-effective audits worldwide.

Your business benefits:

  • Demonstrate compliance against statutory due diligence requirements, avoiding regulatory issues and legal challenges.
  • Identify and mitigate risks and vulnerabilities by independently cross-checking your initial risk assessment through on-site visits at your supplier’s facilities.
  • Enhance your brand reputation by fostering stakeholder engagement, gaining valuable insights from your suppliers, and developing joint action plans for continuous improvement.
  • Gain investor confidence and increase access to capital by ensuring your company's suppliers adhere to your sustainability and ethical standards. 

For more information about our TÜV SÜD’s ESG Supplier Audits.

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