Risk Management - Electronics & Semiconductor

Risk Engineering - Electronics & Semiconductor

Manage risks for your global semiconductor and electronics operations

Manage risks for your global semiconductor and electronics operations

Reduce Downtime and Business Interruption

Risk Management - Electronics & SemiconductorA semiconductor chip shortage is delaying the production of everything from automobiles to refrigerators. Even before the shortage, pressure was high for manufacturers to create semiconductor chips efficiently and minimize downtime. Now the stakes are even higher.

Partnering with world-class semiconductor engineers from TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants (TÜV SÜD GRC) can make your facilities run more efficiently. Independent, experienced engineers examine your tools and processes, helping you take actions that reduce your risk of equipment failure, fire, chemical spills, or other perils. We can also consult with you as you build new fabrication facilities from the ground up, and help you purchase appropriate insurance coverage.

In the tech, telecom, and semiconductor industries, TÜV SÜD GRC has delivered the following results:

  • $35.7 billion in loss estimate reduction since 2004
  • 14,486 recommendations to improve risk management processes since 2004
  • 7,265 facility inspections since 2007 

Our team of engineers already tests and certifies the tools you are using to build semiconductors because we are an OSHA accredited Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). When we enter your facility, we are uniquely familiar with your equipment and what’s needed to keep it running smoothly.

Semiconductor and electronic losses can be devastating but with the right partner, you can minimize downtime and business interruption. We offer semiconductor services anywhere in North America.

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Electronic and Semiconductor Hazards

Semiconductors, microchips and other electrical equipment have become invaluable in today’s world. As demand grows, it is critical to understand, identify and mitigate against the serious risks that can lead to business interruption.

Risks in the electronics and semiconductor industry include:

  • Fire and electrical hazards
  • Process safety risks including toxic materials
  • Chemical spills
  • Equipment failure
  • High loss expectancies
  • Global supply chain management challenges
  • Business resiliency risks
  • Threats to intellectual property
  • Limited environmental resources during the manufacturing process

Challenges in in the semiconductor Industry

Specific loss control expertise in the Electronics/Semiconductor industry is essential. In an industry this complex and unique, you need loss control engineers who specialize in the field and know the manufacturing process intimately. Industry challenges include:

High values. Normal loss expectancies involving custom front-end and back-end manufacturing processes in the semiconductor/electronic industry can exceed the worst-case loss scenarios in other sectors. In fact, we estimate that semiconductor losses average about $7 million to $14 million per incident.

Fire and other unique hazards. Managing fire and explosion risks is a critical component of any property risk engineering program.

The electronics/semiconductor industries face a variety of unique fire hazards including:

  • High contamination potential of products and production tools
  • Pyrophoric/toxic gases
  • Flammable/combustible liquids
  • Clean rooms
  • Exhaust systems
  • Third party utilities/raw material dependency & exposure
  • Corrosive materials

TÜV SÜD GRC engineers and account managers work with clients to learn more about their unique businesses, process safety, and PPE needs. Each fire protection program is uniquely tailored to the client’s facilities, safety protocols, employees, and specific industry standards and product compliance needs.

Supply chain and global business resiliency risks. Identifying business interruption risk, quantifying the potential impact to your company, developing mitigation strategies, and pre-planning for a disaster are the keys to risk engineering. Our experts will use our knowledge of your company, industry, equipment, production bottlenecks, and exposures to develop business continuity plans that help you foresee and mitigate market and supply chain risks.

Electrical risks. If not properly managed, electrical hazards can unexpectedly shut down your business or expose workers to unsafe conditions. Minimizing threats to operations and creating a safe environment for employees is of utmost importance, and there are steps businesses can take to ensure their electrical practices are optimized. Infrared surveys, arc flash assessments and electrical safety training can help keep your personnel safe and operations running smoothly.

Experts in Semiconductor and Electronics Engineering

Partnering with TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants (GRC) brings a variety of benefits:

Independent assessment. Rather than relying on insurance companies for risk assessments, rely on our independent engineers. We don’t examine your facility through the lens of insurance. We look through the lens of sustainability reliability, and profitability for your company. It’s a big difference and leads to much better outcomes.

We test and certify the tools you use to build semiconductors. As an OSHA accredited Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), we work intimately with top semiconductor tool manufacturers to test and certify the equipment you use to build semiconductors and electronics. That keeps our engineers on the cutting edge of technology and gives us a unique advantage over the competition.

Global, multilingual team. Our experienced, multi-disciplinary semiconductor engineers speak many different languages and have experience serving clients around the globe. We are committed to adding value and operational cost savings with a customer-obsessed approach to service.

Freedom to take on risk. After our engineers assess your facility, you are free to decide which risks you want to engineer, avoid, or accept. It puts you in control of business resilience and empowers you to shape your unique risk profile.

Consultative approach to account engineering. Our team analyzes all facets of your existing property loss control programs in a coordinated, common-sense way. We partner with you to implement global consistency and standardization with practical and logical program solutions.

Individualized work plan. We tailor our risk engineering programs to each individual client to provide comprehensive support that fits your unique needs. We’ll conduct a gap analysis to determine where your program needs improvement, then work to boost improve your risk rating against industry benchmarks.

New construction expertise. We have advised many companies on new construction projects. We examine your entire site plan and help you avoid mistakes and mitigate risks from beginning to end.

Online database. Our customer portal GRC Connect provides you with reports, metrics, and data dashboards to crunch the numbers and easily show return-on-investment.

Transparent pricing. We provide simple and open pricing so you can easily understand how your money is being spent. 

Smooth transition. We have transitioned many leading semiconductor and tech companies to our program. We’ll create an ambitious timeline, check in on progress, and make the experience smooth and painless.

Forward-looking vision. As the industry changes, we help you adapt by staying ahead of emerging and evolving technologies. We help you create a five-year plan and criticality matrix of key infrastructure to keep you ahead of the competition. 

The most credible reports in the market. Reports from TÜV SÜD GRC are globally recognized as the best in the business because they are meticulous, thorough, and created by the best engineers in the business. Our experts produce the best, trusted, reliable deliverables. 

World-class engineers. TÜV SÜD GRC engineers are the best in the business. Our engineers not only examine semiconductor risks but also conduct natural hazard risk assessments, as well as RMS/AIR modelling data for earthquake, wind, flood, and more. Our structural team can do deep dives to get real loss estimates and make accurate mitigation recommendations.

  • Member - NFPA's Clean Rooms Committee: Responsible for NFPA 318 - Protection of Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities
  • Member - Semiconductor Environmental, Safety and Health Association (SESHA)

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