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Global Risk Consultants Corp. announces collaboration with Disaster Recovery Services

Global Risk Consultants Corp. announces collaboration with Disaster Recovery Services


Natural disasters cost billions of dollars in damage each year. If a company is not adequately prepared, recovery can be overwhelming. Understanding the details of insurance coverages and establishing relationships with recovery vendors can minimize damage and reduce business interruption.

TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants Corp. is proud to announce a collaboration with Disaster Recovery Services (DRS), a Houston-based company that assists businesses of all sizes to prepare and recover from tropical storms, floods, extreme cold, earthquakes, and other disasters.

DRS services are designed to optimize recovery dollars through maximizing the available insurance coverages on a company’s policy. DRS helps to develop contractor relationships in advance, so a company is better prepared to optimize claim recovery goals. That can result in better claims outcomes and less downtime.

The strategy, techniques, and resources DRS deploys can help achieve a successful recovery outcome by:

  1. Defining the full scope of loss across the entire organization.
  2. Reviewing insurance policies and aligning application coverages with recovery objectives.
  3. Activating agreements with recovery vendors with pre-loss standby contracts obtained at preferred rates.
  4. Managing the recovery process so interruption to the business is minimized. 

DRS and TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants can help companies avoid:

  • Frantically searching for contactors after a disaster when they are likely at their busiest. 
  • Leaving claims dollars on the table due to not fully understanding coverages.

In a hard property insurance market, it is important to be intentional with disaster recovery programs. Differentiating a company and presenting its risk as an attractive underwriting opportunity for insurers is critical. Establishing relationships with recovery vendors and showing a predetermined, detailed plan to manage recovery efforts may result in positive insurance outcomes.

DRS provides services to help a company successfully navigate disaster recovery by guiding them through the insurance claims and project management process.


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