Natural Hazard Alerts

Natural Hazard Alerts

Be aware of severe weather like windstorms, extreme cold, and flooding

Be aware of severe weather like windstorms, extreme cold, and flooding

Weather threats sent to your inbox

When severe weather strikes, time is critical. Identifying a threat quickly allows risk managers and facility leaders to take action to prevent catastrophe. Warning employees, fortifying property, or even leading evacuations could prevent millions of dollars in damage and worker injuries or fatalities.

As climate change continues, companies are dealing with more extreme weather like heavy rains, floods, snow, ice, tropical storms, cold and other natural hazards. Monitoring those weather events at locations around the world is a serious challenge, requiring manual effort by company leaders. They must take valuable time scrolling through news feeds and checking weather sites hoping to piece together an accurate portrayal of their threats on any given day.

We can provide automatic weather alerts directly to your inbox. The alerts feature:

  • Description of weather threat
  • Areas/regions affected
  • Company location(s) in affected areas
  • When a weather event should begin and expire
  • Metrics like wind gusts and precipitation amounts
  • Explanation of potential impact

Benefits to your business

  • Monitor weather events at facilities across the world automatically
  • Remove the necessity for manual monitoring of natural hazards
  • Be prepared for dangerous weather events with plenty of time to take action
  • Safe, secure and reliable alerts based on best-in-class practices
  • Maps of your facilities and the weather events impacting them.

Sample Natural Hazard Map & Alert

An example of a natural hazard alert and map showcasing specific facility locations and the weather events currently happening in and around those locations.

Natural hazard alert types


  • View all Hazard Alert Types
    • Ashfall Warning
    • Coastal Flood Warning
    • Earthquake Warning
    • Extreme Coastal Event
    • Extreme Cold Warning
    • Extreme Fire Danger
    • Extreme Flooding
    • Extreme Forest Fire
    • Extreme Low Temperature
    • Extreme Rain Flooding
    • Extreme Thunderstorm
    • Extreme Wind
    • Extreme Wind Warning
    • Flash Flood Warning
    • Flash Flood Watch
    • Flood Advisory
    • Flood Warning
    • Hurricane Force Wind Warning
    • Hurricane Force Wind Watch
    • Hurricane Warning
    • Hurricane Watch
    • Lakeshore Flood Warning
    • Severe Flooding
    • Severe Rain Flooding
    • Severe Thunderstorm
    • Severe Thunderstorm Warning
    • Severe Wind
    • Storm Surge Warning 
    • Storm Surge Watch 
    • Tornado Warning 
    • Tsunami Advisory 
    • Tsunami Warning 
    • Tsunami Watch 
    • Typhoon Warning 
    • Typhoon Watch


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