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Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry Risk Management

Reduce risks to your operations

about healthcare and pharmaceutical hazards

When it comes to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, proactive risk mitigation is critical in ensuring that safety, quality and operability are upheld. Risks companies in these industries can face include:

comprehensive pharmaceutical industry risk management

In order to mitigate hazards in the pharmaceutical industry, it is critical to take a comprehensive approach due to the varied nature of risks this industry faces. In order to mitigate risks, identifying them must be the first step.

TÜV SÜD GRC works in collaboration with our clients with pharmaceutical operations to understand the hazards present and markets companies serve, the relative significance of key products, the manufacturing process, and locations to enable us to identify business risks and ensure that those risks are minimized. This is often accomplished through:

State of the art fire protection concepts:
Managing fire and explosion risks is a critical component of any property risk management program for protecting personnel, facility assets, supply chain and market share. Our engineers and account managers work with the client to learn more about their unique businesses and needs. Each fire protection program is uniquely tailored to the client’s facilities, safety protocols, employees, and specific industry standards and product compliance needs.

Robust supply chain and business continuity risk management:
Identifying business interruption risk, quantifying the potential impact to your company, developing mitigation strategies, and preplanning for a disaster are the keys to risk management. Our experts will use our knowledge of your company, industry, equipment, production bottlenecks, and exposures as the key components of the BCP process and work to help you foresee and mitigate market and supply chain risks.

Effective emergency response planning
Emergency Communication Systems (ECS), also known as Mass Notification Systems, are designed to alert and evacuate occupants of a building in case of an emergency situation. Working in tandem with a company’s business continuity plan, an ECS not only alerts occupants that an emergency is occurring, but also advises occupants directly on the nature of the emergency and provides instructions on the correct actions to take. TÜV SÜD GRC provides critical system designs for Emergency Communication Systems, allowing you to ensure that the bid quality design matches your business needs.

Natural Hazards Analysis
Natural hazards are also a key area of concern for our pharmaceutical clients since some areas that are attractive for pharmaceutical manufacturing are in areas with known earthquake and/or windstorm exposures. TÜV SÜD GRC can not only provide detailed analysis of the exposures but can also offer engineered solutions.

The continuous education and training undertaken by TÜV SÜD GRC's dedicated staff is critical in maintaining the qualifications necessary to perform high-quality loss control surveys and consulting. In addition, our team of consultants who consistently attend the noted seminars and conferences utilize specialized resources such as various vapor cloud modeling software and Process Safety Management (PSM) Auditor training to help our clients meet their corporate loss prevention goals.

Quality Assurance and Control
Quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) are two different activities that are part of quality management. QA is focused on the process used to measure and provide confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled, thereby preventing defects. With our global multidisciplinary pool of experts experienced with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, we will be able to support you in over 1,000 locations worldwide.

expertise in healthcare pharmaceutical risks and industry updates

In addition to the experiences gained by working closely with our clients, TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants (GRC) also attends and contributes to numerous conferences and seminars within the industry in order to gain further education and industry knowledge.

TÜV SÜD GRC is familiar with inherent risk associated within the industry and maintains this knowledge through interactions with clients and conferences. TÜV SÜD GRC is involved with the following professional organizations:

  • International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE)
  • Member - American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AlChE)
  • Member - Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE)
  • Pharmaceutical Loss Control Group (PLCG)

Your trusted industry advisor

TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants (GRC) is the leading unbundled property loss control provider worldwide, offering a complete portfolio of risk management solutions, including operational, natural hazard and business continuity planning. With a focus on developing long-term partnerships, TÜV SÜD GRC provides innovative solutions to help our clients continuously reduce the risk to their business.

TÜV SÜD GRC’s approach to providing risk control services incorporates a formal team structure, ensuring established goals are met as well as effectively addressing local and corporate needs.

The team is supervised by an Account Service Leader, who provides a single point of contact, and Technical Account Engineers. The pharmaceutical industry is a main area of focus for TÜV SÜD GRC, and developments in this industry are overseen by an internal focus group who are dedicated to providing the best solutions for your business.

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