7 Steps to Upgrading to an Emergency Communication System

7 Steps to Upgrading to an Emergency Communication System (ECS)

Prepare for transition to an emergency communication system

Prepare for transition to an emergency communication system

Fire alarms have evolved

Analog systems that used to alert people of danger with horns and strobe lights have become high-tech Emergency Communication Systems (ECS). An ECS can identify far more perils than fire – and it delivers messages in modern ways.

An ECS can detect active shooters, workplace accidents, facilities management incidents, hurricanes, tornados, flooding, and IT outages. Messaging can be delivered through traditional methods like loudspeakers and sirens or email, text messages, voice calls, or social media updates.

Finding the most appropriate alarm system is no easy task. Systems are complex, finding the right vendors is a challenge, and creating bid documents and drawings takes expertise.

Prep for your transition to an emergency communication system with this 7-step guide:

  1. Onsite survey and risk assessment - Conduct a thorough assessment of your facility to determine your unique risks.
  2. Documenting the existing system - Fire alarm systems may be decades old, meaning drawings and documentation may need to be mapped out manually by trained experts. That process is essential because they showcase what needs to be removed or replaced.
  3. Bid quality document creation - Create a thorough report highlighting important details about your facility, equipment, electricity flow, and fire protection systems. That document will help solicit bids from contractors.
  4. Approach providers - Use the bid-quality drawings to approach vendors for pricing and servicing.
  5. Bid review - Examine the bids and choose the right one for your risk profile and budget.
  6. Project management - Manage the project every step of the way, from planning to installation.
  7. Review - After the project finishes and the system is in use, review the entire project and ensure that the technology is performing in an optimal way.

Partner with TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants for Your Emergency Communication System Needs

Don’t wait until there is an incident to upgrade your system. The catalyst shouldn’t be a tragic event with severe losses — it should be a proactive approach to risk management that prevents problems and mitigates risk.

TÜV SÜD Global Risk Consultants (GRC) can help. We have helped some of the largest organizations in the world find and install emergency communication systems that fit their risk profiles and specific needs. We create bid-quality documents and drawings. We approach potential vendors and use our industry experience to find the best prices We manage projects from inception to installation.

Then we house all the information in our online database GRC Connect. With intuitive data dashboards and customized reports, we help you analyze your metrics and make data-driven decisions.

Our fire prevention efforts are unmatched and property loss control engineers are world class.

  • 87 Fortune 500 clients
  • 56,000 onsite engagements
  • 9,600 plan reviews
  • We have serviced facilities valued at more than $4 trillion
  • 405,000 recommendations representing $683 billion in loss exposure reduction.
  • We have helped manage 210,000 fire protection impairments through our impairment management system.

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