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Arc Flash Label Requirements

Keep your employees safe with electrical safety programs

about arc flash labels

Arc Flash Label RequirementsIn a need to respond to electrical hazards in the workplace, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and other organizations have developed a set of standards that provides guidance for protecting employees and avoiding business disruptions. The goal of an arc flash label is to provide guidance on the level of personal protective equipment (PPE) required to reach a safe level for humans to interact with the equipment. PPE can include arc flash hoods, gloves, bibs, coveralls, and more depending on the level needed.

In order to remain compliant, arc flash labels must include the following information:

  • Boundary of the arc flash
  • Nominal system voltage
  • Arc flash PPE category or incident energy and working distance
  • Minimum arc rating for clothing or site-specific description of PPE

equipment requiring arc flash labels

When repairing or maintaining energized equipment, arc flash labels can be present and unidentifiable to the human eye. It is the responsibility of the company to affix arc flash labels to their equipment, not the installer or manufacturer. Arc flash labels are required on a variety of electrical equipment including:

  • Transformers: Affix labels to the area where high voltage exists, such as the ground
  • Switchboards: Attach the label to un-terminated cables or wires, or where chemical resistance is present
  • Panel Boards: Attach label where unterminated or terminated wires can be curved, or where curves exist
  • Disconnect Switches: Affix labels where bundled wires or multi-conductor cables are present
  • Industrial Control Panels: Attach labels where terminated wires or cables needing abrasion or chemical resistance are present
  • Motor Control Centers: Affix the label where data must be present in a small area

arc flash assessment expertise

TÜV SÜD GRC's Arc Flash Assessment team performs short-circuit, protective device coordination and arc flash risk analysis to ensure compliance and safety in your facility. In addition, we offer services like training for your employees to help them to operate safely in the work environment.

The Arc Flash service team is licensed throughout the United States to deliver a consistent, high quality service regardless of geographic location. Our team of highly-skilled electrical engineers will identify code or electrical safety violations during the survey.

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