Engineering Structures and Bridge Services

Strengthen your engineering structures and ensure safety for your bridges

Strengthen your engineering structures and ensure safety for your bridges

Infrastructure projects such as bridges and other engineering structures represent major investments in long-term economic development. Ensuring the safety and long lifespan of infrastructure projects is a critical concern for government and transport authorities, developers and contractors. Structural damage may not be detected until an advanced stage, leading to higher repair costs or serious risks to users.

As a result, international legislation such as DIN 1076 requires regular testing and inspection of all bridges and engineering structures.

How engineering structures and bridge inspection services benefit your business

Our services allow you to maintain single-source control over fund flow and utilization, improve planning and budgeting, and reliably measure project results. We enable you to complete projects on time and within budget, maintain the safety of road users and protect your organization against business, financial and legal risks.

Other benefits include:

  • Deliver projects on time – with single-source control enabled by our interdisciplinary support and project management advice.
  • Reduce costs – through our expertise in identifying repair needs and making restoration recommendations with cost efficiency in mind.
  • Gain legal certainty – from our in-depth familiarity with national and international directives and standards, knowledge of technical directives, rules and regulations, and standards.
  • Benefit from complete solutions – with our one-stop solutions covering technical advisory, quality assurance, testing and project management throughout the project lifecycle.

Our services

TÜV SÜD offers a full suite of civil engineering services that increases operational availability, boosts cost-effectiveness and assures legal certainty of your project. We support you at every stage, from initial design to final acceptance and maintenance – including bridge inspection and maintenance and engineering structuring maintenance; with project management, materials testing, site inspection and other services.

We provide comprehensive advisory, testing and inspection services for all types of engineering structures such as bridges, tunnels (road, rail, metro, water etc.), underpasses, culverts, chimneys, supporting structures, noise barriers and rainwater harvesting systems. Our experts support you in new engineering structure development as well as refurbishment projects.

  • Advisory
    • Drawing up construction plans
    • Structural analysis and structural classification
    • Failure analysis
    • Damage assessment reports
    • Refurbishment proposals and repair recommendations including cost estimates
    • Acceptance / documentation
  • Inspection
    We conduct regular construction quality assurance inspections throughout all stages of development and refurbishment to ensure structural stability according to international regulations.
    • Technical audits
    • Logbook preparation 
    • Recording of all engineering structures
    • Primary and secondary inspections
    • Final inspection prior to commissioning
    • Structural review of load-bearing capacity and grouping into load categories
    • Measuring the concrete cover of the reinforcement
    • Concrete inspection and engineering report
    • Classification of engineering structures as per international standards
    • Grouping into categories in line with STANAG 2021
  • Testing
    • Chemical and physical testing and analysis of concrete and steel construction materials
    • Destructive and non-destructive structural strength testing
    • Non-destructive testing of steel components, welds and connecting elements

Why choose TÜV SÜD

TÜV SÜD is a trusted, independent third-party solutions provider that carries out impartial analyses and tests of your structures. Our experts actively participate in the preparation of directives and standards governing safety of engineering structures.

This ensures they are familiar with all relevant requirements and regulations. We have decades of international experience in the real estate and infrastructure sector. In addition, we are accredited according to ISO 17020 to conduct independent inspections for quality assurance.

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