Alarm Receiving Centers

Testing of Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) According to EN 50518

Reliably implement EN 50518 and meet the requirements for ARCs

Reliably implement EN 50518 and meet the requirements for ARCs

About EN 50518

The harmonised European Standard EN 50518 defines the technological, operational and organizational requirements for alarm receiving centers (ARCs).

Operators of alarm receiving centers (ARCs) – e.g. providers of security and surveillance services, infrastructure operators, fire brigade, police, rescue services or industrial companies – need to ensure that their alarm receiving centers monitor, receive and process alarm signals reliably and quickly at all times. This is essential for ARCs to offer maximum safety. The European Standard EN 50518 ensures that the requirements are met for alarm receiving centers to achieve a maximum safety.


As a service provider with long-standing experience in the field of security and surveillance services, we partner you to achieve reliable and cost-effective implementation of the EN 50518 standard. We assess your ARC to verify that it fulfills all requirements of the EN 50518 standard and confirm your conformity with the standard in a certificate.

Our regular DAkkS accreditations according to ISO/IEC 17065 and ISO/IEC 17020 confirm and demonstrate the high quality of our certification.

Certification according to EN 50518 by TÜV SÜD follows the scheme outlined below: Audits can be held in German, English or French.

  • Identification and documentation of any non-conformities of your ARC with the current revision of the standard (delta analysis)
  • Development of corrective actions to ensure compliance with the EN 50518 Standard
  • Certification of conformity with the standard


Certification according to the harmonized European standard EN 50518 provides international benchmarking and can pay off quickly:

  • Ensure efficiency – based on the inspection and assessment of the entire infrastructure of your ARC
  • Protect investments – ARC customers and insurance companies are increasingly demanding EN 50518 certification
  • Make the most of synergies – in many cases, combination of several certifications (EN 50518, EN 50600, ISO 27001) from a single source makes good sense and reduces costs and efforts
  • Demonstrate quality – certification proves that quality is a top priority for you and indicates reliable and sustainable business continuity
  • Benchmarking – ensure the comparability of the various types of alarm receiving centers (ARCs) in Europe – benchmark your company to identify and use opportunities for improvement
  • Directive 2008/114/EC Official Journal of the European Union
  • Guidelines for companies and authorities by the Federal German Ministry of the Interior
  • Protection of critical infrastructures by the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance

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