Owner's Engineer Services

Ensure quality, timely and cost-effective completion of your projects

Ensure quality, timely and cost-effective completion of your projects

about An owner's engineer and Why it's Important to engage one

An owner’s engineer (sometimes called lender’s engineer) serves as an independent representative or advocate of the project owner. It is a critical supporting role that provides project management and quality assurance support during all stages of the asset lifecycle.

High quality in the planning and construction of a plant is important for its safety and long-term reliability. Engaging an independent owner’s engineer can ensure that your project complies with international standards, thereby reducing the risk of liabilities and address potential quality issues. In addition, it can also help to reduce your project’s costs through greater control over the project scope, schedule, orders, and various other aspects.

we help you optimize your power plant project management

With our international project experience and a global presence, we are able to build strong relationships with local EPCs and component manufacturers. This enables us to provide reliable support in planning, management, supplier evaluation and personnel training for plant construction and operation worldwide. Our third-party inspection services cover the entire asset lifecycle, helping you make sound investment decisions by assessing the strengths and weak points of the project.

about the owner’s engineer's scope of work

  • During design and planning

    TÜV SÜD acts as a second-party inspector on behalf of our clients. An owner’s engineer helps lay the groundwork of a project and minimize risks, defining the project scope, evaluating budgets, conducting feasibility and site studies, analyzing technologies and their suitability to a project, providing permitting assistance and addressing related environmental concerns.

  • During component procurement

    As the owner’s representative, we inspect component manufacturers and suppliers to ensure they comply with relevant codes, design drawings and QC requirements. We also provide independent testing of manufactured components that have not been inspected during fabrication. TÜV SÜD acts as an expediter to ensure on-time delivery of components. We also conduct pre-shipment inspections and post-shipment inspections to verify quality, quantity and packing of goods with proper documentation.

  • During construction/commissioning

    Our quality assurance services during construction include the supervision of EPC contractors, quality assurance of vendors, HSE inspections, welding supervision and non-destructive testing. We also provide support in licensing documentation review, design review, compliance with relevant codes, acceptance and performance tests, fitness-for-service assessment and claim management.

  • During operation

    Supported by our proprietary software tool (TÜVRoiM), our experienced professionals develop optimized inspection and maintenance programs. We also perform inspection and monitoring, fitness-for-service assessment, lifetime assessment, and management and safety audits according to international and TÜV SÜD-specific standards.

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