IEC 61850 Testing & Certification

Ensure your devices and systems are ready to communicate in the smart grid

Ensure your devices and systems are ready to communicate in the smart grid

iec 61850 standard For Power Utility Communication

The increasing focus on renewable energy sources (as well as the German “Renewable Energy Law” and the European “20-20-20 Plan”) will raise the importance of Smart Grids. Thanks to these intelligent networks, the future energy generation and consumption can be efficiently adjusted and optimized. Due to the increasing use of renewable energies from diverse electricity producers like wind farms, and photovoltaic (PV) facilities, more and more new devices must be able to integrate with existing equipment. In order to ensure a smooth and reliable activity in the network, IEC 61850 is the new global standard for power utility communication.

iec 61850 pre-testing services

The design and development of protection and control systems with integrated communication in accordance with IEC 61850 repeatedly poses a challenge to developers and product testers. Ultimately, in addition to selecting and adapting a suitable MMS communication stack in accordance with IEC 61850, designers and product testers must also prepare the configuration files in SCL format for the IEDs.

  • We check your configuration (SCL files)
  • We test your components, using a comprehensive test tool
  • We diagnose problems
  • We assist you with root cause analysis

iec 61850 conformance testing

IEC 61850 pre-testing servicesIntelligent electronic devices which communicate via interfaces and protocols as defined in IEC 60870-5-101 or -104 have been used for the control and management of power generation and distribution systems for years.

However, the IEC 61850 communication standard has become increasingly accepted in recent years as it also includes the definition and use of a logical link. New and modernized power or transformer stations increasingly use this new communication standard.

Given this, almost all owners and operators of power stations and power distribution systems now make this standard a requirement. Manufacturers of IEDs are therefore forced to implement this communication mechanism in accordance with the IEC 61850 standard in their devices.

TÜV SÜD's services ensure testing and certification of Intelligent Electronic Devices and their configuration for conformity with the IEC 61850 standard. You stand to benefit from devices which are fit for integration into the smart grid, thus opening the door to new export markets based on IEC 61850 conformity and interoperability.

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