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Smart Home Testing and Certification

Ensure the safety of your smart home solutions

Ensure the safety of your smart home solutions

Meet Safety Requirements for Smart Homes

While smart home systems and intelligent home automation devices have been around for years, they have widely been considered high-end luxury products. Now these technologies are gaining momentum, experts believe they will soon conquer the mass market. This presents a major opportunity for importers, distributors and manufacturers of devices with the relevant functions.

But in order for the smart home market to realize its full potential, consumers must have absolute trust in their homes and devices. By engaging the expertise of an experienced and globally trusted certification agency such as TÜV SÜD, you can ensure your projects meet the key criteria of safety and usability that are prerequisites for public acceptance of your smart home solutions.

Our smart home testing and certification services

  • Wireless testing – Our experts can assist you in testing and ensuring the synchronicity of the wireless capabilities of your smart home devices and products.

  • EMC and electrical safety – TÜV SÜD is capable of testing for electromagnetic immunity and emissions and advising where necessary to ensure your smart home products adhere to the necessary standards.

  • Data security – We can help you ensure secure smart home functionality and usability, for instance ISO/IEC 25051:2006 and EN ISO 9241 (Ergonomics of human-system interaction) or penetration tests.

  • Chemical, battery lifetime and usability testing – In addition to certifying the adherence of your smart home devices and components to local and international safety standards, our expert teams can also assist you in maintaining consumer satisfaction by ensuring quality and workmanship, chemical safety, endurance tests, ergonomics, functionality, and overall cohesion.

Why choose TÜV SÜD

Our quality standards are rigorous and tailored to market requirements. Globally renowned and accepted by all major brands, retailers and authorities, TÜV SÜD certification marks help to differentiate you from competitors.

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