industrial hygiene

Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

Ensure compliance with Workplace Safety and Health (General Provisions) Regulations

Ensure compliance with Workplace Safety and Health (General Provisions) Regulations

Chemical use in processes is unavoidable, whether in low or high dosages, causing workers to be exposed to chemicals and toxic substances during their work. Extended exposure to harmful substances may cause acute health effects to the employees, including dizziness, skin irritation, or even chronic health issues.

Employers are responsible for providing a safe working environment for their employees. By conducting Industrial Hygiene Monitoring, employers can assess the workers' level of exposure to hazards and the effectiveness of the hazard control measures. 


Under the Workplace Safety And Health (General Provisions) Regulations, the Ministry of Manpower Singapore (MOM) require companies with workers likely to be exposed to toxic substances to monitor the level of contaminants against the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL), and to submit the toxic substance monitoring report to MOM. 

Frequency of Toxic substances monitoring:


TÜV SÜD PSB's competent officers have completed the mandatory WSQ course on "Measure Exposure and Assess the Risk due to Hazardous Substances". They are qualified to perform Toxic substances monitoring, recognised by MOM. TÜV SÜD can support companies in submitting toxic substance monitoring reports to MOM.  

Your BUSINESS benefits

  • Gain access to export markets – shorten your time to market by meeting regulatory requirements and international standards
  • Minimise risk – minimise the violation of regulatory risks and potential legal liabilities by conducting independent testing
  • Improve product quality and safety – third-party verification increases product quality and safety, boosting customer confidence in your products

accreditation and recognition

TÜV SÜD laboratories are accredited to the requirements of ISO 17025 by the Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SAC-SINGLAS).


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