Fixture Design

Guarantee the quality of your products

Guarantee the quality of your products

What is fixture design and why is it important?

A fundamental part of any vibration and shock test program is the fixture method. The fixture is the interface between the electrodynamic shaker and the equipment under test. Sometimes a simple clamping or bolt mounting method is sufficient, other times a more complex, bespoke solution is required.

Why choose TÜV SÜD vibration TESTING? 

A good vibration fixture should be:

  •  Light and rigid, the theoretical ideal fixture has zero mass and infinite rigidity
  • Transmit vibration energy evenly throughout the equipment under test
  • Have minimal resonances within the test frequency range
  • Easily interfaceable to the test shaker in each of three orthogonal axes
  • Replicate as close as possible the in-service mounting arrangements of the equipment under test

At TÜV SÜD we offer a design and manufacture service for bespoke vibration fixtures. Our vibration team has over 100 years combined experience, and will be involved from concept to manufacture to offer a complete turn key solution to your vibration fixture requirements.

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