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Adding value with our service portfolio

Certification mark for anti-corrosion coatings


The certification mark applies to anti-corrosion coatings intended to protect the treated materials against corrosion.

Basis of certification:

The certification mark is awarded within the framework of voluntary testing and certification. The test procedure developed by TÜV SÜD is based on standards including EN ISO 8565 (Metals and alloys – atmospheric corrosion testing – General requirements), EN ISO 2409 (Paints and varnishes – cross-cut test) and EN ISO 4628-3 (Paints and varnishes. Evaluation of degradation of coatings.

Designation of quantity and size of defects, and of intensity of uniform changes in appearance. Part 3: Assessment of degree of rusting).

Key words of the certification mark:

  • Corrosion protection
    The products certified by TÜV SÜD Product Service undergo accelerated corrosion testing. This test simulates the natural stresses to which coatings may be exposed. These condensation tests under cyclic climate conditions simulate the damage impact caused by acid rain.

    Testing is performed in 24-hour cycles. In addition, the products are subjected to salt-spray testing with sodium chloride solution (NaCL) and to simulations of natural weathering to investigate the consequences of weather influences. The quality of the coatings adhesion was examined in a “cross-cut test”.
  • Free from heavy metals

    The certified product was analysed for its ingredients and does not include any heavy metals.

  • Free from mineral acids
    The certified product was analysed for its ingredients and does not include any mineral acids, such as hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid and nitric acid.
  • Type tested

     The voluntary certification mark with the statement “Type tested” is issued for products and components. The statement demonstrates that the product/component was tested and certified by the independent third-party organisation of TÜV SÜD Product Service for conformity with the essential technical safety requirements. The certification criteria vary depending on the products in question.

  • Production monitored

     Periodic surveillance of the manufacture of a product constitutes the basic premise for certification which includes the award of a certification mark. Certification always requires product testing and regular factory inspections.

    As a third-party expert organisation, TÜV SÜD verifies that the manufacturer is able to maintain consistent quality in line with the requirements throughout high-volume production and has established the necessary quality system, including incoming goods inspections, lists of materials and final product check.

    In addition, calibration of the necessary measuring and monitoring equipment must be ensured. Surveillance and/or monitoring covers the testing of safety-critical components and other materials used. If unauthorised changes are made to the product, the certificate will be withdrawn and the TÜV SÜD certification mark may no longer be used.

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