GS Mark

GS Mark

Adding value with our service portfolio

Adding value with our service portfolio

What is the GS product safety mark?

The GS or Geprüfte Sicherheit (tested safety) mark is a voluntary certification mark applied to finished products that signifies their compliance with all the statutory requirements of the German Product Safety Act. The scope of the GS mark includes essential product characteristics such as electrical safety, chemical and hazardous material use, ergonomics, and noise, and also covers an evaluation of a manufacturer’s factory production. Applying a GS mark to your product reassures safety-conscious German consumers, as well as quickly demonstrating compliance to Germany’s regulators.

Why is a GS Germany product safety mark important?

Products bearing the GS mark have been subjected to rigorous evaluation and certification. The scope and widespread acceptance of the GS mark by regulatory authorities and German consumers means that products carrying the GS mark hold an important market advantage over comparable products without it.

TÜV SÜD is your one-stop shop for GS mark testing

TÜV SÜD is an notified body for GS mark testing and certification and has approved test facilities throughout the world. We can assess your products for compliance with all the statutory requirements of the ProdSG, including those addressing electrical and mechanical safety, hazardous materials, ergonomics and noise.

When used in combination with TÜV SÜD’s globally recognised certification mark, the GS mark provides buyers with a clear indication of your company’s commitment to product safety.

TÜV SÜD’s extensive GS mark testing and certification services

TÜV SÜD’s GS mark testing and certification services are available for finished products in the following categories:

  • Children’s products
  • Car accessories
  • Consumer electronics
  • Furniture
  • Garden tools and equipment
  • Household devices
  • Lighting
  • Personal protective equipment (Category I and II)
  • Tools
  • Toys
  • And many more


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