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USA: ASTM F1250 has been revised to F1250-18

august 2018- Relevant for: hardlines

In July, ASTM F1250 has been revised to F1250-181.

In the new revision, ASTM F1250 expands its coverage to total body ergometers (in the previous version, only upper body ergometers), the revised ASTM now covers stationary upright and recumbent exercise bicycles and ergometers (upper and total body).

Some of the highlighted changes of the revised standard are as follows:

  • In Section 5.1, it is now clarified on what kind of design, a mark is not required for the min. insertion depth of seat post, the loading factor of seat post for both consumer and institutional equipment has been set to 2.5.
  • The load force of the seat deflection or tilt test has been modified in Section 5.2.
  • The load force of seat back support for institutional exercise bike has been modified in Section 5.3.
  • The loading requirement for handlebars have been modified in Section 5.5.
  • The loading factor of pedals for both consumer and institutional equipment has been set to 2.5 in Section 5.6.
  • Pedal and crank endurance test in Section 5.7 has been updated, now different types of exercise bikes has different loading applications and institutional and consumer bikes now have different endurance cycles requirements (1000000 for institutional, 500000 for consumer).
  • Addition of a requirement of crank arm and shroud entrapment in Section 5.8.
  • New institutional bicycle/ergometer endurance test in Section 5.10.
  • New consumer bicycle/ergometer endurance test in Section 5.11.
  • New stability requirement according to F2276 and F3023 in Section 5.12.
  • Additional requirement of accessibility for commercial equipment designed to be accessible to people with disabilities in Section 6.
  • Other verbiage changes to assist the application of the standards.



[1] ASTM F1250-18



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