Hydrogen Technology and Fuel Cells

Hydrogen Technology & Fuel cells

Sustainable safety, efficiency and quality for the energy transition

Sustainable safety, efficiency and quality for the energy transition


A fuel cell can be described as an electrochemical cell that converts the chemical energy of a fuel (hydrogen) into electricity. Safe, functional and efficient fuel-cell systems and the pertinent hydrogen infrastructure, such as electrolysers and hydrogen refueling stations (HRS), play a critical role in the successful process of transition to a sustainable energy supply. The bandwidth of today’s portable and stationary fuel-cell systems extends from small-scale applications in the watt range to large-sized field installations and decentralised energy supply delivering many megawatts.


Our hydrogen and fuel-cell systems experts have accompanied the development of new technologies for many years. By providing comprehensive services, we support manufacturers, system integrators and owners/operators, helping them to turn innovative ideas into reality.



Our services can be divided into 3 parts:

Testing and certification

  • Testing the safety design of systems and components (e.g. with the help of FEM)
  • Hazard and risk assessment and/or review of hazard and risks assessments (e.g. FMEA, FTA, HAZOP, RAMS) to identify safety gaps
  • Homologation and certification of compressed gas components, tank systems or vehicles according to international standards (high-pressure tanks, liquid tanks etc.)
  • Testing in accredited laboratories:

    o Material analyses

    o Pressure and leak tests 

    o Life testing, durability tests

    o Ballistic tests and fire-resistance tests

  • Qualification testing of pressure equipment or the pertinent measuring and control systems according to national and international standards
  • Assessment of safety functions (sensor, logic, actuator) against the background of the performance levels (PL) or safety integrity levels (SIL, ASIL) determined in risk assessments
  • Preparation of inspection reports according to the German Industrial Safety Regulation ("Betriebssicherheitsverordnung") for regulatory approvals and licences (e.g. for hydrogen refueling stations)
  • Preparation of specifications, e.g. for the safety-related design of components and sub-assemblies (by manufacturers and owners)

Safety training for employees

  • Addressing the handling of gases, such as hydrogen, natural gas or liquid gas, or liquids such as methanol
  • Workshops and training to qualify employees according to the German Industrial Safety Regulation (qualified persons)

Other areas of support

  • Answering of questions regarding the safety-related design of components and sub-assemblies (by manufacturers and owners)
  • Assistance with drawing up technical documentation (maintenance and service plans, operating instructions) and approval-relevant documentation (e.g. hazard and risk assessment, explosion protection documents, hazard evaluations)


Your benefits at a glance

  • Access first class expertise: Our specialists have long-standing experience in the areas of fuel-cell and hydrogen technology. Having contributed our process know-how in the fields of gas systems, explosion protection, electrical systems, risk management and reliability to numerous projects, we have helped to establish safe systems and bring them to market maturity.
  • Ensure legal compliance: Participating proactively in the preparation of technical directives and European standards, we have in-depth familiarity with statutory regulations and the state of the art.
  • Save time by obtaining services from a single source: We offer an interdisciplinary approach, helping you to shorten product development times.
  • Benefit from global support: TÜV SÜD has international representation, ensuring that we can support you throughout the world and thus facilitating your market access.


Certification Mark of conformity for fuel cell systems

 Fuel cell certification mark by TÜV SÜD
  • Subject of certification: Stationary fuel cell systems for the generation of electrical power
  • Normative basis: IEC 62282-3
  • Your benefits: You strengthen customer confidence in the safety and performance of your systems



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