Electrically Instructed Person

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  • After completing the "Electrically instructed person" e-learning course, you will know how to protect yourself against accidents when handling devices.
  • In the "Electrically instructed person" online course, you will gain basic knowledge of electrical engineering.
  • You will also learn about the pertinent regulations DIN VDE 0100, DIN VDE 0105 and DGUV regulation 3.

Anyone who has to deal with electrical devices as part of their daily work should be given instruction on correct handling, in order to prevent accidents. With the "Electrically instructed person (EIP)" e-learning course, participants gain necessary knowledge about possible hazards and the principles of electrical engineering. After completing the "Electrically instructed person" online course, they will be familiar with the protective devices and will understand which tasks they are permitted to perform under the guidance and supervision of an electrically skilled person.


  • The principles of electrical engineering
  • Electrical hazards
  • Network systems and protection against electric shock
  • Operating electrical installations
  • Conduct in the event of electrical accidents
  • Work activity on cabinets
  • Responsibility and expertise

People without electrical training, who are required to spend time in electrical operating areas or operating rooms or who should work on electrical devices under guidance and supervision.

The e-learning course consists of several chapters, which contain different flash cards each. The advantages of flash cards are:

  • You always have an overview of the topics
  • You can navigate easily between topics
  • You can track your learning progress at all times
  • You get short, self-contained snippets of knowledge

The quiz questions ensure variety and enable regular knowledge checks. Interactive elements motivate and promote effective learning.

420 Minutes.

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