Fundamentals of Hydrogen Technologies

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Just a glance at the periodic table shows that hydrogen (H2) is a special chemical element. Therefore, it is no coincidence that it is a very important element for many technologies used today.

This e-learning course will provide a comprehensive introduction to hydrogen, hydrogen technologies and associated hazards, as well as protective measures and occupational health and safety in connection with hydrogen.

You will leave this e-learning course with the following key benefits:

  • Understand what hydrogen is
  • Understand the dangers of hydrogen
  • Be able to define protective measures for handling hydrogen
  • Understand which occupational health and safety regualtions apply

The training is based on German standards and laws.

The module contains the following topics:

  • Applications of hydrogen
  • Physical features of hydrogen
  • Hydrogen transport and storage
  • Hazards and protective measures
  • Conduct in the event of alarm and accidents

The cumulative duration of the program is 90 minutes. You will be required to pass 80% of the quiz questions to receive your TÜV SÜD e-certificate.

This e-learning course is specially designed for professionals and managers who wish to gain knowledge and understanding of hydrogen technologies, dangers of hydrogen, and protective measures.

90 Minutes

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