Introduction to ESG and climate change risks

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The course aims to:

  • Increase awareness on the ESG topic by placing it in the wider context of sustainability, of national and international regulation, and risk management activities
  • Introduce the concept of ESG factors and risks and describe how they might affect organizations and/or financial institutions
  • Provide an overview on the integration of ESG in organizations especially focusing on “why” and “how” to assess and integrate ESG risks.
  • Support interested parties in the categorization, management and mitigation of ESG risks.
  • Current sustainability and climate change context, including the regulatory framework at the EU level,
  • Social and environmental pressures on the current financial system and the challenges for the sector in the future,
  • Key environmental, social and governance issues, and their relevance for financial institutions,
  • Recognizing climate related, social related and governance related risks and opportunities and managing their financial impacts,
  • How to rewire risk management frameworks in financial institutions to include ESG risks and factors,
  • The course is enriched with optional content, intermediate tests and in-depth studies.
  • Certificate of attendance from the TÜV Italia Akademie

This course is specially designed for:

CSR Managers, Sustainability Managers, Management and Strategic Consultants, Financial operators dealing with ESG issues (e.g. Senior Bankers), ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) Managers.

60 minutes
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