Diversity & Inclusion

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  • An overview of the themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion, including an overview of the history, the international conventions, and the standards in the field.
  • An in-depth understanding of the importance of the integration of diversity principles in organizations to achieve a competitive advantage, improve workplaces and create a better society
  • An understanding of key diversity-related issues such as unconscious bias and other barriers to the introduction of diversity
  • Core competencies to understand how organizations can be rewired to integrate diversity, equity and inclusion and what people can do to facilitate the process.

The course (also available in Italian language) aims to:

  • Increase awareness on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) by placing it in the wider context of organizational competitiveness and of sustainability strategies
  • Introduce the concepts that are included in Diversity, describe how they might relate to our everyday life, to society, and to the functioning of organizations
  • Provide an overview on the integration of Diversity principles in organizations especially focusing on “why” and “how” to integrate them
  • Provide practical applications of the concepts through exercises and examples


  • Introduction on the concepts of Diversity and Inclusion both from a personal and from an organizational perspective
  • A brief history of diversity, including international conventions and standards that helps to introduce the impacts that the lack/presence of Diversity can have on people, on business and on sustainability
  • Key diversity related issues that act as barriers to the implementation of diversity principles in organizations: practical applications and examples
  • How to introduce Diversity and Inclusion in organizations and how to help people consider these principles in their daily lives and jobs
  • The course is enriched with optional content and interactive exercises.
  • Certificate of attendance on passing of assessment at end of the course.

This course is specially designed for:

CSR Managers, Sustainability Managers, Management and Strategic Consultants, Human Resources managers.


30 minutes.

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